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Today’s Lunch Box Market Trends

Lunch BoxesWhether you are a seasoned veteran or novice lunch box collector, the good news is that, in today’s market with a soft economy, it is more that ever a buyer’s market.

Experts tell us, in a market like today’s, what a buyer normally sees is a premium for high-profile character boxes, while prices on lesser characters, and what is called more common and non-character boxes go down.

A really important factor in what people are buying, along with major character items.  Something from a TV series like the Brady Bunch or The Waltons, the boxes still have a good market value.

The “common” boxes, like plaids, floral patterns or non-character boxes, which normally might sell for anywhere between $75 and $150, are where collectors can used the current drop-off in prices to bolter their collections for when the economy, and the lunch box market, comes back around.

In lunch boxes, super stuff like Underdog, Rocky and Bullwinkle or Dudley Do-Right, if condition is there, the price is very substantial. Strong character items will usually hold their value.

The number of collectors that can usually go after the top-of-the line character boxes, however, is limited. The majority of collectors who pursue their hobby part-time can’t go after the 1954 Superman lunch box in near mint to mint condition. Most of them can acquire the minor character boxes or the more common boxes, especially in today’s market.

Take, for instance, a box that might have brought $150 two years ago: A collector looking at that same box today on eBay, or consigned through a dealer, may well be able to pick it up for around$50. In a short time, combined with a little bit of patience, a substantial collection can be put together and significant value realized as long as he or she can wait out the soft market.

“In terms of the minor boxes, there’s usually a very slight fluctuation in those values; they may waffle a little bit, but they won’t nosedive.”

There’s also a distinct possibility of finding a are box for very little, which isn’t so much a trend as it is dumb luck.

The current market supports the low-end boxes and prices, and buyers would be smart to focus on the lower end of the market, where boxes that are toward the bottom of their price fluctuation can be had for a virtual song. It’s in this way that solid collections are put together, and capital stocked to make the big deals when they come along.

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