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Hopalong Cassidy
by Aladdin, 1950

Hopalong Cassidy

Hopalong Cassidy, Aladdin, 1950, the very first pictured box. $550.
Hopalong Cassidy bottle, Aladdin, 1950, $120.
Hopalong Cassidy, Aladdin, this is the first full litho lunch box, Aladdin, 1954, $850.
Hopalong Cassidy Bottle, Aladdin, Aladdin, 1954, $225.

Hopalong Cassidy, Aladdin, 1950, the very first pictured box with bottleHopalong Cassidy is a cowboy hero, created in 1904 by Clarence E. Mulford, who wrote a series of popular stories and twenty-eight novels. (At the time Mulford invented the character, the name of the historical American outlaw Butch Cassidy had been before readers of newspapers in recent years.)

In his early print appearances, the character appears as a rude, dangerous and rough-talking "galoot". Beginning in 1935, the character, played by William Boyd, was transformed into the clean-cut hero of a series of 66 immensely popular films, only a few of which relied on Mulford's works for more than the character. Mulford actually rewrote his earlier stories to fit the movie conception; these led in turn to a comic book series modeled after the films.

Hopalong Cassidy, Aladdin, this is the first full litho lunch box, Aladdin, 1954Boyd resumed production himself in 1946, on lower budgets, and continued through 1948, when "B" westerns in general were being phased out. Boyd thought that Hopalong Cassidy might have a future in television, spent $350,000 to obtain the rights to his old films, and approached the fledgling NBC television network. The initial broadcasts were so successful that NBC couldn't wait for a television series to be produced, and simply re-edited the old feature films down to broadcast length. On June 24, 1949, Hopalong Cassidy became the first network Western television series.

William Lawrence Boyd (June 5, 1895 September 12, 1972) was an American film actor best known for portraying Hopalong Cassidy.

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