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1780 (July - Dec) In The United States

What do you know about 1780 (July - Dec) In The United States
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13 stars, the Betsy Ross version (1777  1795)1) On July 11, 1780 French soldiers arrive in Newport, Rhode Island to reinforce colonists in the American Revolutionary War.

  • True or False?

2) On August 16 was the Battle of Camden during the American Revolutionary War. British troops inflict heavy losses on a Patriot army at Camden, South Carolina. 
Who was the American commander?

  • Ben Baker
  • Horatio Gates
  • Robert Simon
  • Wendal Potter

3) The Battle of Fishing Creek, also called the Battle of Catawba Ford or the War on Sugar Creek, was an American Revolutionary War battle fought on August 18, 1780, between American and British forces including the 71st Foot.  It was fought near the junction of Fishing Creek and the Catawba River in South Carolina.  British forces under Banastre Tarleton surprised the Patriot militia, killing a significant number, taking about 300 captives, and very nearly capturing the Patriot commander, who some say was asleep at the time of the attack. 
Who was the American force commander?

  • Benjamin Arnold
  • Robert Cummings
  • Wade Phillips
  • Thomas Sumter

4) The Battle of Musgrove Mill, on August 19, occurred near a ford of the Enoree River, near the present-day border between Spartanburg, Laurens and Union Counties in South Carolina.  During the course of the battle, 200 Patriot militiamen defeated a combined force of approximately 300 Loyalist militiamen and 200 provincial regulars. 
Who was
NOT one of the combined commanders at the battle?

  • Colonel Elijah Clarke
  • Colonel Richard Ryder
  • Colonel Isaac Shelby
  • Colonel James Williams

5) The Battle of Black Mingo was a skirmish during the American Revolution. It took place on September 14, 1780 in the vicinity of Dollard's Tavern near Black Mingo Creek not far from Willtown, South Carolina.  The Patriot force attacked and scattered a contingent of Loyalist troops that had been left to secure the region by Colonel Banastre Tarleton after his destructive march through the area.  The Loyalists, under Colonel John Coming Ball, were driven into the nearby swamp after suffering significant casualties.  Who was the American commander?

  • General William Crosby
  • General Francis Marion
  • General Samuel Morrison
  • General Mark Reynolds

6) On September 21, who gives detailed plans of West Point to Major John Andre?

  • Benedict Arnold
  • Ryan Cooper
  • John Beth Jute
  • David Martinelli

7) October 2, in Tappan, New York, British spy John Andre was hung by American forces as a spy.

  • True or False?

8) October 7, American Revolutionary War, Battle of Kings Mountain: Patriot militia forces annihilate a Loyalists under British Major Patrick Ferguson at Kings Mountain in South Carolina.  
Who called it, "The turn of the tide of success."?

  • John Adams
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • James Madison
  • John Wellington

9) On Oct. 14, who does George Washington name commander of the Southern Army?

  • George Bates
  • Simon Cowell
  • Nathanael Greene
  • George Showalter

10) The Battle of Blackstock's Farm, an encounter of the American Revolutionary War, took place in what today is Union County, South Carolina, a few miles from Cross Anchor, on November 20, 1780. The American commander was Brig. Gen. Thomas Sumter.
Who commanded the British forces?

  • Col. Max Cleveland
  • Lt. Col. Ira Hayes
  • Col. Dennis Morgan
  • Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton

Check Your Answers

1780 (July - December) In The USA [Answers]

  1. True
  2. Horatio Gates
  3. Thomas Sumter
  4. Colonel Richard Ryder
  5. General Francis Marion
  6. Benedict Arnold
  7. True
  8. Thomas Jefferson 
  9. Nathanael Greene
  10. Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton
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