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1780 (Jan - June) In US History

What do you know about 1780 (Jan-June) In US History?  Try this US History Made Easy Quiz.  "Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1) January 16: the Battle of Cape St. Vincent, during the American Revolutionary War is fought. 
Who was the British Admiral that defeats a Spanish fleet?

  1. Sir Mark Joy
  2. Sir Robert Palmer
  3. Sir George Rodney

2) January 28: A stockade known as Fort Nashborough is founded on the banks of the Cumberland River. Two years later the site is renamed Nashville.
What was the site renamed two years later?

  1. Ashland
  2. Hopewell
  3. Nashville

3) February 1: Some 8,000 British forces under General Henry Clinton arrive in Charleston, South Carolina, from New York.

  • True or False?

4) February 1: New York cedes to Congress its western claims, including territory west of Lake Ontario.  In 1792 New York will sell the Erie Triangle. 
Who did they sell the area to?

  1. Canada
  2. Ohio
  3. Pennsylvania

5) Who founded the Omicron Delta Omega co-ed fraternity on February 29?

  1. Samuel Adams
  2. Benjamin Franklin
  3. John Hancock

6) March 14: After a two-week siege, Spanish general, colonial governor of Louisiana, and Viceroy of New Spain Bernardo de Galvez captures Fort Charlotte, taking the port of Mobile (in present-day Alabama) from the British.  Fort Charlotte was the last remaining British frontier post capable of threatening New Orleans in Spanish Louisiana. Its fall drove the British from the western reaches of West Florida and reduced the British military presence in West Florida to its capital, Pensacola.

  • True or False?

7) April 8: British Army troops and naval forces begin their besiegement of Charleston, South Carolina. British ships sail past Sullivan's Island to occupy Charleston Harbor.
Who leads the British Army forces?

  1. General Benedict Arnold
  2. General Henry Clinton
  3. General David White

8) May 6: Fort Cumberland falls to the British.

  • True or False?

9) May 12: An American General surrenders Charleston to the British.  The British lose 255 men while capturing a large American garrison. Washington will order reinforcements to Charleston, in what is arguably the worst American defeat of the war. 
Who was the American general?

  1. Aaron Burr
  2. Benjamin Lincoln
  3. Richard Jackson

10) On May 13, the Cumberland Compact was signed by American settlers in the Cumberland Valley of Tennessee.

  • True or False?

11) On May 19, an unaccountable darkness spreads over New England, regarded by some observers as a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  
What did the event become known as?

  1. Days of Destiny
  2. Heaven Will Not Help Us
  3. New England's Dark Day

12) May 29: A clash between Continental Army forces under Abraham Buford and a mainly Loyalist force led by Banastre Tarleton occurs near Lancaster, South Carolina in the Waxhaws area. The British destroyed the American forces.  
The site is close to what present-day site?

  1. Buford, South Carolina
  2. Greenwood, South Carolina
  3. North Augusta, South Carolina

13) On June 6, the Battle of Connecticut Farms, New Jersey was one of the last major battles between British and American forces in the northern colonies during the American Revolutionary War. It was a British victory.  
Who was the commander of the American forces?

  1. Clinton Bodie
  2. Hobart Gap
  3. William Maxwell

14) On June 23, American forces fight the British at the Battle of Springfield. With the attempted British invasion of New Jersey was stopped at Connecticut Farms and Springfield, major fighting in the North ends. The battle was an American victory. 
Who commanded the American forces at the Battle of Springfield?

  1. Elias Dayton
  2. Nathanael Greene
  3. Bryan Minehart

1780 (Jan - June) In US History

1) C.  2) C.  3) True  4) C.  5) B.  6) True  7) B.  8) False. Fort Moultrie falls to the British.  9) B.  10) True  11) C.  12) A.  13) C.  14) B.

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