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US Industrial and Technological History Made Easy Trivia

Trivia powered by Prof. WalterThe technological and industrial history of the United States describes the United States' emergence as one of the largest nations in the world as well as the most technologically powerful nation in the world.

The availability of land and labor, the diversity of climate, the ample presence of navigable canals, rivers, and coastal waterways, and the abundance of natural resources facilitating the cheap extraction of energy, fast transport, and the availability of capital all contributed to America's rapid industrialization.

Most historians agree that the period in which the greatest economic and technological progress occurred is between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 20th. During this period the nation is transformed from a primitive agricultural economy to the foremost industrial power in the world, with more than a third of the global industrial output. This can be illustrated by the index of total industrial production, with increases from only 4.29 in 1790 to 1975 in 1913, an increase of 460 times (base year 1850 - 100).


  • 1 Pre-European technology
  • 2 European exploration and settlement
    • 2.1 Agriculture
    • 2.2 Artisanship
  • 3 Early industrialization
    • 3.1 Factories and mills
    • 3.2 Turnpikes and canals
    • 3.3 Steamboats
    • 3.4 Mining
    • 3.5 Civil War
  • 4 Technological systems and infrastructure
    • 4.1 Railroads
    • 4.2 Iron and steel-making
    • 4.3 Telegraph and telephone
    • 4.4 Petroleum
    • 4.5 Electricity
    • 4.6 Automobiles
  • 5 Effects of industrialization
    • 5.1 Agricultural production
    • 5.2 Urbanization
    • 5.3 Labor issues and immigration
    • 5.4 Banking and trading
    • 5.5 Regulation
    • 5.6 Great Depression
  • 6 Military-industrial-academic complex
    • 6.1 Research universities
    • 6.2 World wars
    • 6.3 Cold War and Space Race
    • 6.4 Computers and networks
  • 7 Service industry
    • 7.1 Health care and biotechnology
    • 7.2 Media and entertainment
  • 8 Technology and society

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