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United States Economic History Trivia

The economic history of the United States has its roots in European colonization in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Marginal colonial economies grow into 13 small, independent farming economies, which join together in 1776 to form the United States of America.

Trivia powered by Prof. WalterContents

  • Pre-colonial and Colonial era
  • New Nation
  • Expansion and growth
  • Civil War and Reconstruction: 1860s
  • The Gilded Age: 1865-1900
  • Progressive Era: 1890-1920
  • Roaring twenties: 1920-1929
  • Great Depression: 1929-1941
  • Wartime controls: 1941-1945
  • Postwar prosperity: 1945-1973
  • Inflation woes: 1970s
  • Deregulation and Reaganomics: 1974-1992
  • The New Economy: 1990s to 2007
  • Ongoing financial crisis

In 230 years the United States grows to a huge, integrated, industrialized economy that makes up over a quarter of the world economy. The main causes are a large unified market, a supportive political-legal system, vast areas of highly productive farmlands, vast natural resources (especially timber, coal, iron, and oil), and an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to investing in material and human capital.

The economy has maintained high wages, attracting immigrants by the millions from all over the world. Technological and industrial factors played a major role.

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