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Amazing World War 2 Facts: Introduction

  • that sixty countries (3/4 of the world population) fought in World War 2 and it is estimated that 57 million people died, and more than half of these were civilians with the Soviet Union lost 21.3 million with 7.7 million of them being civilians; however, the estimated loss from the United States was 295,000?

  • that of the 57 million causalities, 80% came from the Soviet Union, China, Germany, and Poland?

  • that poison gas was first used in World War I to break the trench warfare stalemate and during World War II, all the powers had chemical weapons; however, the Germans did not use it in Greece?

  • that in 1936, Germany hosted the Olympic Games in Berlin and Hitler wanted to prove the superiority of pure Aryans; however, an African American, Jesse Owens, won 4 gold medals?

  • that the United Kingdom barred the gates of Palestine to Jews fleeing the Nazis?
    One of Hitler's early theories that during World War I, German forces fought on too many fronts, which was why he did not send troops to Southeast Asia

  • that American society changed because of World War 2, when women began to work and the Baby Boomers from returning troops?

  • that from the start, Hitler's primary target was the Soviet Union?

  • that after World War 2, U.S. officials used certain Nazi leaders as intelligence agencies and sources in the cold war. What group were these leaders from?

  • that Argentina offered safe haven for one of the worst war criminals in Adolf Eichmann?

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