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Amazing John Wayne Facts

  • DYK? powered by Prof. Walter… that John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison in Winterset, Iowa on May 26, 1907?

  • … that his middle name was soon changed from Robert to Mitchell when his parents decided to name their next son Robert?

  • … that John Wayne's nickname was Duke, after his pet dog?

  • … that John Wayne won a football scholarship to the University of Southern California (USC)?

  • … that John Wayne was 6'-4" tall ?

  • … that after spending many years as a B-Western star, the film that made John Wayne a featured film star was Stagecoach ?

  • … that John Wayne won his best actor Oscar for his role in True Grit?

  • … that John Wayne is pictured on a 37-cent USA commemorative stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series, issued September 9, 2004, as Ethan Edwards The Searchers?

  • … that in a 1969 appearance on TV's "Laugh-In," John Wayne appeared in a Pink fluffy bunny suit ?

  • … that John Wayne played the leading part in 142 movies?

  • … that in early Westerns, John Wayne plays a singing cowboy, Singin' Sandy?

  • … Stony Brooke was John Wayne’s character's name in his "Three Mesquiteers" series?

  • … that Dark Command was the 1940 film that included both John Wayne and Roy Rogers?

  • … that in the movie She Wore A Yellow Ribbon John Wayne had the line, "Never apologize, Mister, it's a sign of weakness"?

  • … that Rio Grande was the first movie that John Wayne teams with actress Maureen O'Hara in the numerous movies they played in?

  • … that in the movie "Rio Bravo" John Wayne was 52 years old and Angie Dickinson was 28 years old?

  • … that John Wayne died, at the age of 72, from stomach cancer on June 11, 1979, at the UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California?

  • … that John Wayne is buried Pacific View Memorial Park Cemetery, Corona del Mar, California, Plot: Bayview Terrace, section 575?


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