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Amazing Braxton County Facts

Did You Know?

  • …that the Braxton County was formed in 1836 from Lewis, Kanawha, and Nicholas.  It was named for Carter Braxton, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Washington planned to establish important point in project for western communication in this county.

  • …that the Geographic Center Historical Marker is on Elk River Hunting Area Road, Bakers Run, 4 miles south of Sutton. The geographic center of the irregular-shaped state of West Virginia is near this point, according to accepted methods of locating centers of geographic areas. It was also West Virginia's center of population in 1860.

  • …that Big Dunkard - Burning Springs Sand Historical Marker is at North of Falls Mill, US 19/WV 4 (missing). The Mahoning Sandstone forming the cliffs and the Freeport Sandstone forming the falls of the Little Kanawha River respectively are the "Big Dunkard and Burning Springs Sands" of the driller. These sandstones yield oil and natural gas in West Virginia.

  • …that Bulltown was an important point in plan of Washington to establish water transportation to West. Salt was made here as early as 1792. An attack of whites in 1772 upon Captain Bull's Indian village here was among the causes of Dunmore's War. The Historical Marker is on US 19/WV 4, 2 miles west of Falls Mill in Bulltown.

  • …that Bulltown Battle was on October 13, 1863, when a force of 400 Union troops under Captain W. H. Mattingly, entrenched on the hills to the northeast, repulsed attack of Confederate forces under Colonel W. L. Jackson. Jackson retreated after some loss into Pocahontas County. The Historical Marker is on US 19/WV 4, 2 miles west of Falls Mill in Bulltown.

  • …that in Sutton on Main St. (secondary route 19/40), 1.8 miles from Exit 62 (Sutton) of I-79 is the Sutton Historical Marker. It was named for its founder. It was burned in 1861, by Confederate troops. The first settlers in this county were Jeremiah and Benjamin Carpenter, who had settled on Elk River in 1784.  Soon after, Benjamin and wife were killed by the Indians.

  • …that the Town of Burnsville Historical Marker is on WV 5, near I-79 exit 79 in Burnsville.  The area is first settled in 1798; Payton Byrnes came in 1830.  First known as Lumberport in 1866, when Capt. John Burns established first saw mill in area.  It was incorporated by county in 1902 and named for Burns.

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