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Amazing Boone County Facts

Did You Know?

  • …that Boone County was formed in 1847 from Cabell, Kanawha, and Logan. It was named for Daniel Boone, noted hunter and explorer, who made his home in the Great Kanawha Valley, from 1788 to 1795. In 1791, he was a member of the Virginia Assembly from Kanawha.

  • …that on WV 3, in front of post office in Peytona is the Peytona Historical Marker. It was named for William Madison Peyton, father of navigation on Coal River, who promoted and actively engaged in coal mining. As chief engineer for the Coal River Navigation Company, he locked and dammed Coal River in the 1840's and made it navigable for steamboats to transport cannel coal from the Peytona mines to distant markets of the world. The maximum annual output from these mines was approximately 200,000 tons.

  • …that the Madison Historical Marker is on WV 85, Courthouse Square in Madison. It is the County seat, incorporated in 1906 and named for William Madison Peyton, a leader in movement for the formation of Boone County, 1847. Peyton, pioneer in the development of the Coal River Valley, locked and dammed Coal River in the 1840's and made it navigable for steamboats to transport coal from area to markets, and for a period made the Coal Valley one of the great industrial regions of the State.

  • …that on WV 3 in Peytona is the Coal Discovered Historical Marker. John Peter Salley (Salling) and companions discovered coal near here in 1742 on their exploring trip from the Greenbrier River. They followed the Coal River to its junction with The Great Kanawha River at St. Albans.

  • …that on WV 3, Drawdy Falls Park, just west of Peytona is the Indian Camp Historical Marker. Under rock overhang across the highway was an Indian camp site. Here were found several burials. One occupation, Fort Ancient, dates from A.D. 1400; another, Buck Garden, from A.D. 1000. Pottery and other artifacts were found.

  • …that the John Edward Kenna Historical Marker is located on WV 3, Drawdy Falls Park, just west of Peytona. To the north, birthplace and home of John Edward Kenna, U. S. Senator and prominent figure in the early life of this State. His statue stands among the notables of other States in the Hall of Columns in the national capitol in Washington.

  • …that Nellis was founded in 1917 by T.E.B Siler and M. Slush; named for newspaper editor Frank Nellis. Purchased by ARMCO in 1920. Noted as model coal mining town. Homes were built by Minter of Huntington. ARMCO Assoc. Bldg., in center of town, housed store, theater, doctor's office, barber shop, etc. The company also built church and school and supplied utility services. It was placed on the National Register, March 2000. The Nellis Historical Marker is off CR1 in Nellis.

  • …that American Rolling Mills Co. acquired Nellis Coal; shipped first coal on branch of C&O, December 31, 1920. Mined 500 acres of proved coal by room and pillar method in 48 inch seam. Supplied mining infrastructure; steel tipple, brick power house, water system, homes, community center and store by 1925; shipped 30,000 tons of coal by 1927. Worst mine accident, 1943, 11 killed. Mine closed in 1955. The Armco Historical Marker is off CR1 in Nellis.

  • …that the Boone County Courthouse Historical Marker is located on 200 State Street, WV85 in Madison. It was Designed by architect Russ Warene in Neo-Classical Revival style. It opened in 1921 and replaced the brick courthouse. It features Indiana limestone, Beaux-Arts Classicism in small open-domed belvedere, tetra-style 2 story porticos with Corinthian columns and Roman keystone arched windows. The courthouse houses records dating back to 1847 with the formation of Boone County. It is listed on the National Register in 1981.

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