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Amazing BLT Sandwich Facts

Did you know ...

  • BLT Sandwich that the BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) is a type of bacon sandwich?

  • that the BLT traditionally has several strips of well-cooked or even crispy bacon, leaves of lettuce (traditionally iceberg or romaine), and slices of tomato, layered between slices of bread (often toasted) and mayonnaise is the traditional condiment for the BLT?


  • that BLT sandwiches are believed to have descended from late Victorian era tea sandwiches?

  • that between 1930 and 1950, cookbooks typically listed cheese as an ingredient?

  • that the BLT became popular after World War II because of the rapid expansion of supermarkets that allowed for ingredients to be available year-round and the initials, representing "bacon, lettuce, tomato", likely began in the American restaurant industry as shorthand for the sandwich?


  • that the BLT sandwich is sold at many restaurants, diners and fast food chains and the sandwich is also commonly made at home?

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