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Contemporary Breakfast in the United States and Canada

Did You Know?...Amazing Breakfast Facts

  • …that today, most Americans and Canadians eat a reduced breakfast most days, but may still enjoy a traditional hearty breakfast on weekends, holidays, and vacations?

  • …that having only coffee or skipping breakfast entirely is also common?

  • …that eating out for breakfast or brunch is common on weekends and holidays?

  • …that a typical contemporary combination of food for a hearty breakfast consists of eggs (fried or scrambled), one type of meat, and one or two starchy dishes [commonly hash browns and toast]?

  • …that a more basic breakfast combination would be a starchy food (such as toast, pastry, breakfast cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, or waffles) either alone or served with fruit and yogurt?

  • …that this second option, similar to the continental breakfasts served in Europe, is especially common in institutional situations where serving hot food is difficult, expensive, or impractical?

  • …that restaurants that serve breakfast typically base their menus around egg dishes and pork meats such as sausage, ham and bacon with pancakes and waffles are also popular?

  • …that an assemblage commonly known as a country breakfast in restaurants consists of eggs or omelet, sausage or bacon, hash browns, sausage gravy, coffee, biscuits or toast with jam or jelly, and fruit juice?

  • …that a typical breakfast for those that eat ordinary breakfast as a home meal is instant oatmeal or a cold breakfast cereal with milk?

  • …that leftovers from the previous day's meals may also be eaten for breakfast, such as cold pizza?

  • …that breakfasts influenced by recent dietary advice are gaining in popularity in some parts of the country, such as California, featuring yogurt, whole-grain cereal, fresh fruit or egg-white omelets?

  • …that coffee is the most common breakfast beverage and in the United States, 65% of coffee drunk during the day is with breakfast?

  • …that also common for breakfast are tea, milk, hot chocolate, orange juice, and other fruit juices (grapefruit, tomato, etc.)?

  • …that occasionally for breakfast, caffeinated carbonated beverages may be substituted for the more traditional coffee or tea?

  • …that for breakfast, espresso drinks such as cappuccino and latte have become increasingly popular since the 1990s?

  • …that in Washington State and British Columbia, the cappuccino and latte are the default way of buying coffee for breakfast.

  • …that the modern options typical of the U.S.A. and Canada are representative of Western-style breakfasts that have become common worldwide, especially in industrialized nations?

  • …that breakfast foods are thought to be typically eaten during morning hours, these foods are distinct from other foods even if eaten outside of the morning?

  • …that some serve breakfast for supper?

  • …that there are several fast food and casual dining chains in North America, such as IHOP and Denny's, that specialize in hearty breakfast-style foods, such as pancakes and country breakfasts, and offer them all day?

  • ...that like greasy spoons in the UK, American coffeeshops and diners typically serve breakfast foods all day?

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