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Traditional Breakfast in the United States and Canada

Did You Know?...Amazing Breakfast Facts

  • ...that traditional breakfasts in the United States and Canada derive from the full English breakfast and other European breakfast traditions and feature predominantly sweet or mild-flavored foods, usually hot?

  • ...that typical breakfast items include hot oatmeal porridge, grits (in the South), other hot grain, porridges, eggs, sausage, pan-fried potatoes such as hash browns or home fries, biscuits, toast, pancakes, waffles, bagels, French toast, English muffins, pastries (such as croissants, doughnuts, and muffins), and fresh or stewed fruits of various types (stone, citrus, etc.)?

  • ... that steak may be served with eggs on the traditional breakfast menu?

  • ...that cold cereal has become nearly ubiquitous for breakfast in recent decades, and yogurt is widely popular?

  • ...that coffee, tea, milk and fruit juices are standard breakfast beverages?

  • ...that many regions of the United States have local breakfast specialties that are less popular nationally?

  • ...that In the South, homemade biscuits served with country-style gravy (also called sawmill gravy), country ham, and red eye gravy, as well as fried bologna and grits, are one traditional breakfast menu?

  • ...that In coastal South Carolina, mixing shrimp and grits is a common breakfast food?

  • ...that the Southwest has huevos rancheros and spicy breakfast burritos?

  •    that scrapple is a favorite breakfast item in the Mid-Atlantic states?

  • ...that salmon bagels are a popular breakfast item in the Northwest?

  • ...that pork roll is rarely available for breakfast outside New Jersey and Pennsylvania?

  • ...that New Englanders for breakfast still occasionally indulge in fried salt pork and pie?

  • ...that fried eggs with bacon or sausage and American cheese on a seeded Kaiser roll is a popular breakfast sandwich in parts of New York?

  • ...that many soul food breakfast menus across the country include fried chicken wings, catfish, pork chops and salmon croquettes?

  • ...that a specialty breakfast items also vary in popularity regionally, such as: linguiça sausage and Spam in Hawaii?

  • ...that crab cakes in southern New England and the Mid-Atlantic regions are a popular breakfast item?

  • ...that andouille sausage, chicory coffee, Chisesi ham, and beignets in Louisiana

  • ...that chorizo in the Southwest; lox and smoked salmon in the Northwest; and goetta in Greater Cincinnati are popular breakfast items?

  • ...that American breakfast customs derive from those of rural England in the 18th century, and some divergences probably reflect changes in the latter since that time?

  • ...that modern English hot breakfasts commonly include lightly fried tomato slices or a sautéed whole mushroom, but neither are found in the United States?

  • ...that breakfast kippers are also uncommon in the United States. On the other hand, the steak-and-eggs breakfast is rare in England and probably a recent American import?

  • ...that English muffins (not to be confused with the British crumpet) are commonly eaten as a breakfast food in the United States.

  • ...that some regions of Canada especially Quebec, New Brunswick and parts of eastern Ontario will commonly include maple syrup with crêpes, French toast, pancakes, or waffles for breakfast ?

  • ...that hotels now often serve breakfast buffets for a fixed price, or offer sweet rolls, cereal, and coffee as a free "continental" breakfast?

  • ...that traditionally, hotel breakfasts were made to order at a restaurant or by room service and omelets made to order are also an option?

  • ...that fast food restaurants for breakfast offer a quick variety of biscuits designed to be eaten quickly like sausage biscuits and chicken biscuits.

  • ...that some dine in restaurants offer breakfast buffets providing a full traditional breakfast?

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