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1941 In Major League Baseball

Test your baseball knowledge of 1941 In Major League Baseball
Get up to bat in this Alan's FUN Baseball Trivia quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Take 2 points for each right answer.  Maximum this page: 20 points!

1) Who signs with the Cleveland Indians for a reported $30,000 ($462,083.67 in 2011 dollars) on January 21?Trivia powered by ABE

  1. Phil Gagliano
  2. Bruce Brubaker
  3. John Upham
  4. Bob Feller

2) Who was born on April 14, 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio?

  1. Eddie Watt
  2. John Stephenson
  3. Pete Rose
  4. Dave R. White

3) Mel Ott's 2-run homer, the 400th of his career and his 1,500th RBI, gives the New York Giants a 3-2 win over the Cincinnati Reds on June 1.

  • True or False?

4) On July 16, Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak ends at 56 games.
Who did he play against?

  1. Cleveland Indians
  2. Washington Senators
  3. St. Louis Browns
  4. Philadelphia Athletics

5) On October 6, the New York Yankees defeat the Pittsburgh Pirates in Game 5 of the World Series to win fifth title in six years, and their ninth overall.

  • True or False?

6) What is the first place team in the Negro National League?

  1. Washington Homestead Grays
  2. Baltimore Elite Giants
  3. Newark Eagles
  4. New York Cubans

7) On November 27, in a controversial vote, Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees was named American League MVP over Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox (291 points for DiMaggio, 254 for Williams). DiMaggio, who set a 56-game hitting streak record in the season, batted .357 with 30 home runs and led AL in RBI (125). Williams finished even stronger to close the season with a majors lead .406 average and 120 RBI, while led the American League in home runs (37), runs (135), OBP (.553) and SLG (.735). Both the 56-game hitting streak and the .400 plateau have not been touched since then.
DiMaggio had an OPS (1.083), what was Williams’ OPS?

  1. (.987)
  2. (1.087)
  3. (1.287)
  4. (1.387)

8) Who won the National League MVP?

  1. Leo Durocher
  2. Dolph Camilli
  3. Joe Vosmik
  4. Dixie Walker

9) Thornton Lee of the Chicago White Sox lead the American League with a ERA (2.37).
Who lead the National League with a ERA (2.24)?

  1. Ken Berry
  2. Bobby Cox
  3. Floyd Weaver
  4. Elmer Riddle

10) Who was the Manager of the Year?

  1. Billy Southworth
  2. Mike McWeeney
  3. Mark Reynolds
  4. George “Doc” Walker

1941 In Major League Baseball [Answers]

1) D. 2) C. 3) True 4) A. 5) False. On October 6, the New York Yankees defeat the Brooklyn Dodgers in Game 5 of the World Series to win fifth title in six years, and their ninth overall. 6) B. 7) C. 8) B. 9) D. 10) A.

Score for this page: _______

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