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1947 In Major League Baseball

Test your baseball knowledge of 1947 In Major League Baseball
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1. Who was the batting champ in the American League with a .343 average?Trivia powered by ABE

  1. Mickey Mantle

  2. Joe DiMaggio

  3. Ted Williams

2. In 1947, when he hit .363 in a season during which he was traded from his original team, the St. Louis Cardinals, to the Philadelphia Phillies.  
Who was the National League batting champ?

  1. Stan Musial

  2. Jackie Robinson

  3. Harry Walker

3. On April 15 the baseball's color line is officially broken forever when Jackie Robinson makes his Major League debut against the Boston Braves at Ebbets Field.  
Who does Robinson play for?

  1. New York Giants

  2. Brooklyn Dodgers

  3. Chicago Cubs

4. Who was the Brooklyn Dodgers to became the first black pitcher in the majors on August 26?

  1. Dan Bankhead

  2. Hank Walker

  3. Billy Sherman

5. Who was the major league player born on January 31, 1947?

  1. Nolan Ryan

  2. Hank Ketchum

  3. Ira Mosby

6. Who was the 1947 home run king in the AL?

  1. Bill Mantooth

  2. Ernest Homes

  3. Ted Williams

7. The NL had a tie in 1947. Both players hit 51 home runs.  
Who did
NOT win the home run title?

  1. Ralph Kiner

  2. Johnny Mize

  3. Ewell Blackwell

8. World Series: New York Yankees over Brooklyn Dodgers (4-3).

  • True or False?

9. Who was the Hall of Fame catcher born on December 7, 1947?

  1. Ron Bryant

  2. Johnny Bench

  3. Jose Cruz

10. On March 28, Johnny Evers dies.  He was a Hall of Fame second baseman remembered for his work at the center of the Philadelphia Phillies legendary double play combination of Tinker, Evers and Chance, later the NL's MVP with the 1914 "Miracle Braves".

  • True or False?

1947 In Major League Baseball

1) C. 2) C. 3) B. 4) A. 5) A. 6) C. 7) C. 8) True 9) B. 10) False.  It was the Chicago Cubs' legendary infield.

  • Score for this page: _______

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