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1871 In Major League Baseball

Test your baseball knowledge of 1871 In Major League Baseball
Get up to bat in this Alan's FUN Baseball Trivia quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

  • You'll find 12 Questions about 1871 in MLB.Trivia powered by ABE

1) The Boston Red Stockings were founded and incorporated by Ivers Whitney Adams with $15,000 and the help of Harry Wright, in Boston.  The team was composed of former players of the defunct Cincinnati Red Stockings franchise, who were brought to Boston and kept the name.
WHAT was the date?

  1. January 15, 1871

  2. January 20, 1871

  3. January 25, 1871

  4. January 30, 1871

2) WHEN did ten clubs establish the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players (or professional Association) in New York?

  1. February 6, 1871

  2. March 7, 1871

  3. March 17, 1871

  4. March 27, 1871

3) On May 4, 1871, in the very first major league game ever played, the National Association begins play at Hamilton Field in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with Forest City of Cleveland visiting the Kekiongas of Fort Wayne. Fort Wayne wins 2–0 behind the pitching of Bobby Mathews, the lowest scoring game of the season.
WHO gets the first hit?

  1. Ted Knight

  2. Bill Lennon

  3. Joe McDermott

  4. Deacon White

4) On May 6, 1871, Future Hall of Famer Cap Anson makes his professional debut.
WHAT team does he play for?

  1. Rockford Forest City

  2. New York Mutuals

  3. Cleveland Forest City

  4. Ft. Wayne Kekiongas

5) On May 8, 1871, a Cleveland Forest Citys player hits the first home run in professional baseball history in the fourth inning against the Chicago White Stockings. For good measure, he adds a second home run in the seventh inning, but Cleveland falls to the White Stockings, 14–12.
WHO was the player?

  1. Tony Williams

  2. Ezra Sutton

  3. Mark Addams

  4. Todd Helton

6) Esteban Enrique Bellán becomes he first Hispanic player in Major League Baseball history on May 9, 1871. The 21-year old Cuban infielder will play as Steve Bellan.
WHAT team does he play for?

  1. Boston Red Stockings

  2. Washington Olympics

  3. Troy Haymakers

  4. New York Mutuals

7) On July 6, 1871, the first game between a black team and a white team is played as the black Uniques defeat the white Alerts 17–16.
Where was the game played?

  1. New York

  2. Boston

  3. Atlanta

  4. Chicago

8) WHO hits the first grand slam in professional baseball history in a 6–3 Boston Red Stockings victory over the Chicago White Stockings on September 5, 1871?

  1. Charlie Gould

  2. Max Isley

  3. Ted Franks

  4. Mike Morgan

9) As the Rockford Forest Citys approach Chicago, they see the city in flames from the Great Chicago Fire, turn around and go home. The Chicago White Stockings' stadium is burned to the ground along with all of their uniforms and equipment.
What was the date?

  1. October 3, 1871

  2. October 9, 1871

  3. October 19, 1871

  4. October 29, 1871

10) In a 4–1 victory, WHO clinches the first professional baseball championship on October 30, 1871 in Brooklyn?

  1. Washington Olympics

  2. Chicago White Stockings

  3. Athletics of Philadelphia

  4. Cleveland Forest City

11) Levi Meyerle, Fred Treacey, and Lip Pike tie for home run during the 1871 season.
HOW many did each player hit?

  1. 4

  2. 8

  3. 12

  4. 16

12) WHO lead the National Association in wins with 19?

  1. George Zettlein

  2. Al Pratt

  3. Rynie Wolters

  4. Albert Spalding

1871 In Major League Baseball [Answers]

1) B. 2) C. 3) D. 4) A. 5) B. 6) C. 7) D. 8) A. 9) B. 10) C. 11) A. 12) D.

  • Score for this page: _______

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