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1870 In Major League Baseball

Test your baseball knowledge of 1870 In Major League Baseball
Get up to bat in this Alan's FUN Baseball Trivia quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

  • You'll find 10 Questions about 1870 in MLB.Trivia powered by ABE

1) On June 14, 1870 after 84 consecutive wins since assembling the first professional team in winter 1869, the Cincinnati Red Stockings lose 8-7 to the Brooklyn Atlantics before a crowd of 20,000 at the Capitoline Grounds.
WHO scores the winning run in the 11th inning on a hit by pitcher George Zettlein.

  1. Bill Ryczek

  2. Mark Reynolds

  3. Bob Ferguson

  4. Jesse Burkett

2) For the second time in three weeks the Philadelphia Athletics defeat the Brooklyn Atlantics by a 19-3 score, giving the victors possession of the championship flag.
WHAT was the date?

  1. June 14, 1870

  2. June 16, 1870

  3. June 18, 1870

  4. June 20, 1870

3) On July 23, 1870 the visiting Mutuals of New York defeat the Chicago White Stockings 9-0 before 5,000 spectators. The shutout pitched by Rynie Wolters is the first against any NABBP championship contender, inspiring Chicago (verb) and Chicago game as lingo for shutout through the 1890s.
WHAT was the park?

  1. Dexter Park

  2. Freedom Park

  3. Lincoln Park

  4. Chicago Field

4) July 27, 1870, the Red Stockings lose at home for the first time in their professional era, dropping a 11-7 decision.
WHO beat the Red Stockings?

  1. Tri-Mountain, Boston

  2. Athletics, Philadelphia

  3. National, Washington

  4. Riverside, Portsmouth

5) In front of a crowd of 4,000 that paid 50 at the Union Grounds in Brooklyn, the New York Mutuals beat the Athletics for the second time in four weeks by a 12-11 score on September 15. This gives the Mutuals the temporary possession of the flag.
WHAT the crowd pay for seat?

  1. 15

  2. 25

  3. 50

  4. $1

6) In the most controversial game since the 1860 season, the Chicago White Stockings end up on top of a 7-5 score.  Leading by one run in the ninth inning, the New Yorkers walk off the field and the score reverted to the last inning completed.  This is the second victory by the Chicago club over the Mutuals in five weeks and gives the Chicagoans the (disputed) championship for the year.
WHAT was the date?

  1. October 13, 1870

  2. October 23, 1870

  3. October 30, 1870

  4. November 1, 1870

7) He recommends that the Cincinnati Base Ball Club not employ a professional nine for 1871, for that will be too expensive on November 21, 1870. The club officially dissolves that winter.
WHO decided to dissolve the team?

  1. A.P.C. Bonte, team president

  2. Alfred T. Goshorn, team president

  3. George B. Ellard, founding member

  4. Fred Waterman, player

8) Three amateur clubs of 1870 would later enter the all-professional National Association for one season each.
WHAT is NOT an amateur clubs

  1. Kekionga of Fort Wayne, Indiana

  2. Mansfield of Middletown, Connecticut

  3. Resolute of Elizabeth, New Jersey

  4. Stonewall of Clarksburg, West Virginia

9) WHAT college fielded its strongest team, which toured nationally in the summer and won 6 of 16 against professional teams all season.

  1. Harvard

  2. Penn

  3. Salem

  4. Arizona State

10) WHAT Baseball Hall of Fame player was born on August 23, 1870 in Cohoes, New York?

  1. Ollie Pickering

  2. George Davis

  3. Mike "Doc" Powers

  4. Kid Carsey

1870 In Major League Baseball [Answers]

1) C. 2) D. 3) A. 4) B. 5) C. 6) D. 7) A. 8) D 9) A. 10) B.

  • Score for this page: _______

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