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New York Yankees: 2009 Season

Test your baseball knowledge of the New York Yankees: 2009 Season
Get up to bat in this FANatical About Baseball Trivia quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Trivia powered by ABE1) Joe Girardi was the manager of the 2009 NY Yankees.  When did he become the teamís manager?

  1. October 10, 2007
  2. October 20, 2007
  3. October 29, 2007
  4. October 30, 2007

2) On January 6, 2009, the Yankees signed a first baseman to a 8-year deal worth $180 million with a no-trade import.  Who was the first baseman?

  1. Troy Glaus
  2. Conor Jackson
  3. Adam LaRoche
  4. Mark Teixeira

3) Who had the highest batting average at .334?

  1. Robinson Cano
  2. Johnny Damon
  3. Derek Jeter
  4. Alex Rodriguez

4) Mark Teixeira lead the 2009 Yankees in home runs.  How many home runs did he hit?

  1. 39
  2. 30
  3. 29
  4. 28

5) Who was the Yankee pitcher that lead the team in wins with 19?

  1. Alfredo Aceves
  2. Joba Chamberlain
  3. Andy Pettite
  4. CC Sabathia

6) CC Sabathia lead the pitching staff with 197 strikeouts?

  • True or False?

7) On April 2, 2009, the Yankees open the season with a 10-5 lose.  Who did they play opening the 2009 season?

  1. Baltimore Orioles
  2. Boston Red Sox
  3. Detroit Tigers
  4. Minnesota Twins

8) On April 16, 2009, the Yankees play their first home game of the season.  Who did they play and lose the game 10-2?

  1. Chicago White Sox
  2. Cleveland Indians
  3. Los Angeles Angels at Anaheim
  4. Seattle Mariners

9) On October 4, Alex Rodriguez hit a three run home run, the 243rd home run of the team's season to date, breaking the team's previously set record in 2004 of 242. Later in the same inning he hit a grand slam, breaking the American League record for most RBI in one inning by a single player, setting it at seven (7). The last two at bats of Rodriguez's season allowed him to finish with 30 home runs and 100 RBI.

  • True or False?

10) The Yankees end the season in first place in the American League East.  What was their record?

  1. 103 - 59
  2. 97-65
  3. 91-79
  4. 87-76

New York Yankees: 1921 Season

1) D.  2) D.  3) C.  4) A.  5) D.  6) True  7) A.  8) B.  9) True  10) A.

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