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Cincinnati Reds (The Early Years)

Test your baseball knowledge of the Cincinnati Reds (The Early Years)
Get up to bat in this FANatical About Baseball Trivia quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Trivia powered by ABE1) The Cincinnati Red Stockings begin as a amateur baseball club in 1863. 
What year did they become a professional team?

  1. 1869
  2. 1879
  3. 1889

2) Best players left for Boston and became the Boston Red Stockings.
This team eventually became known as what?

  1. Red Sox
  2. Braves
  3. White Sox

3) What year did the team become a National League team?

  1. 1890
  2. 1895
  3. 1900

4) In 1912, the club opened a new steel-and-concrete ballpark, Redland Field.
What did the field become known as?

  1. Crosley Field
  2. Riverfront Ball Park
  3. Franklin Field

5) What year did the Reds win their first World Series?

  1. 1909
  2. 1919
  3. 1929

6) What year did the Reds play the first night baseball?

  1. 1935
  2. 1940
  3. 1950

7) In 1940, the Red won their second World Series title.
Who did they beat?

  1. New York Yankees
  2. Boston Red Sox
  3. Detroit Tigers

8) In 1944, Joe Nuxhall (who was later to become part of the radio broadcasting team), at age 15, pitching for the Reds on loan from Wilson Junior High school in Hamilton, Ohio. He became the youngest person ever to play in a major league game -- a record that still stands today.

  • True or False?

9) In 1955, he hit 47 homers while striking out only 40 times. No player since him has hit 40 homers and struck out 40 or fewer times in the same season (Barry Bonds missed duplicating this feat by one strikeout in 2004).
Who was this player?

  1. Jimmy Robinson
  2. Sonny James
  3. Ted Kluszewski

10) In 1956, who was the National League Rookie of the Year?

  1. Wally Post
  2. Frank Robinson
  3. Vada Pinson

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Cincinnati Reds (The Early Years)

1) A. 2) B. 3) A. 4) A. 5) B. 6) A. 7) C. 8) True 9) C. 10) B.

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