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Ernie Banks

Test your baseball knowledge of Ernie Banks.
Get up to bat in this Alan's FANatical About Baseball Trivia Quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.Trivia powered by ABE

1) Where was Ernest "Ernie" Banks born on January 31, 1931?

A. Yuma, Arizona
B. Bridgeport, West Virginia
C. Dallas, Texas
D. Sioux City, Iowa

2) Ernie Banks made his MLB debut on September 17, 1953. What was the team?

A. Chicago Cubs
B. Philadelphia Phillies
C. Boston Braves
D. Brooklyn Robins

3) How many times was Ernie Banks an MLB All-Star?

A. 5 times
B. 10 times
C. 14 times
D. 24 times

4) How many times was Ernie Banks a NL MVP?

A. 2 times
B. 4 times
C. 6 times
D. 8 times

5) What was Ernie Banks’ career batting average?

A. .274
B. .289
C. .299
D. .309

6) What was Ernie Banks' career hits

A. 1,204
B. 2,583
C. 2,299
D. 3,309

7) What was Ernie Banks' career runs batted in?

A. 291
B. 289
C. 591
D. 1,636

8) When did Ernie Banks make his Last MLB appearance for the Chicago Cubs?

A. May 1, 1971
B. May 11, 1971
C. May 21, 1971
D. May 26, 1971

9) When was Ernie Banks inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

A. 1930
B. 1940
C. 1950
D. 1977

10) Ernie Banks died of a heart attack at a hospital on January 23, 2015, shortly before his 84th birthday. Where was the hospital?

A. Yuma, Arizona
B. Chicago, Illinois
C. Superior, Wisconsin
D. Sioux City, Iowa

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Ernie Banks

1) C. 2) A. 3) C. 4) A. 5) A. 6) B. 7) D. 8) D. 9) D. 10) B.


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