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Craig Biggio

Test your baseball knowledge of Craig Biggio.
Get up to bat in this Alan's FANatical About Baseball Trivia Quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.Trivia powered by ABE

1) Craig Alan Biggio, the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball (MLB) player, was born on December 14, 1965.  Where was he born?

A. Smithtown, Texas
B. Cooperstown, New York
C. Smith, Virginia
D. Smithtown, New York

2) What high school did Craig Biggio graduated from a high school on Long Island, New York, where he excelled as a multi-sport varsity athlete?

A. Kings Park High School
B. Upper Moreland High School
C. West View High School
D. Lower Moreland High School

3) An infielder in high school, college coach Mike Sheppard switched him to catcher because the team needed one. Biggio was an All-American baseball player at what college?

A. Hayfield University
B. Seton Hall
C. Baylor University
D. University of Houston

4) Biggio was drafted by the Houston Astros in the first round in 1987. He was selected?

A. 1st overall
B. 12th overall
C. 22nd overall
D. 42nd overall

5) When did Biggio make his MLB debut for the Houston Astros?

A. June 26, 1988
B. June 26, 1989
C. June 26, 1990
D. June 26, 1991

6) The Astros finally convinced Biggio to convert to another position in spring training 1992, even though Bigger had made the National League All-Star team as a catcher in 1991. What was the position?

A. First base
B. Second base
C. Third base
D. Center field

7) Biggio holds the National League record for most home runs to lead off a game. What is the number of lead off home runs?

A. 5
B. 25
C. 53
D. 125

8) What is Biggio’s career statistics batting average?

A. .331
B. .321
C. .261
D. .281

9) What is Biggio’s career statistics stolen bases?

A. 414
B. 514
C. 614
D. 714

10) When was Biggio’s last MLB appearance for the Houston Astros

A. September 30, 2006
B. September 30, 2007
C. September 30, 2008
D. September 30, 2009

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Craig Biggio

1) D. 2) A. 3) B. 4) C. 5) A. 6) B. 7) C. 8) D 9) A 10) B

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