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Sandy Koufax

Test your baseball knowledge of Sandy Koufax.
Get up to bat in this Alan's FANatical About Baseball Trivia quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1) Sanford "Sandy" Koufax is born Sanford Braun, on December 30, 1935 (he takes his stepfather's name Koufax) in New York. 
What borough is he born in?Sandy Koufax

  1. Manhattan

  2. Bronx

  3. Brooklyn

2) Koufax graduates from high school and attends the University of Cincinnati on a athletic scholarship.
What is the scholarship in?

  1. Baseball

  2. Basketball

  3. Football

3) During the tryout with the Pirates, Koufax's pitching brakes the thumb of his catcher, Sam Narron, the team's bullpen coach.  Branch Rickey, then general manager of the Pirates, tells his scout Clyde Sukeforth that Koufax has the "greatest arm [he has] ever seen".  The Pirates, however, fail to offer Koufax a contract until after he has committed to signing with the Dodgers.

  • True or False?

4) Because Koufax's signing bonus is greater than $4,000, he is known as a bonus baby.  That forced the Dodgers to keep him in the major leagues for at least two years before he can be sent to the minors.  To make room for him on the roster, the Dodgers have to optioned a player.
Who is the player?

  1. Tommy Lasorda

  2. Don Drysdale

  3. Juan Marichal

5) On September 27, 1961, Koufax brakes the National League record for strikeouts in a season, surpassing the 58-year-old mark of 267, set in 1903. 
Who's record does he break?

  1. Christy Mathewson

  2. Wally Post

  3. Walter Winchell

6) On June 30 against the New York Mets, Koufax throws his first no-hitter; he will finish his career with a then-record four no-hitters.  In the first inning of the 5-0 win over the Mets, Koufax stricks out three batters on nine pitches to become the sixth National League pitcher and the 11th pitcher in Major League history to accomplish the nine-pitch/three-strikeout half-inning.

  • True or False?

7) After seeing Koufax's Game 1 performance, who is quoted as saying, "I can see how he won 25 games.  What I don't understand is how he lost five."?

  1. Whitey Ford

  2. Yogi Berra

  3. Chris Mathews

8) Koufax becomes the sixth pitcher of the modern era to throw a perfect game.
What is the date?

  1. September 15, 1964

  2. September 9, 1965

  3. September 30, 1966

9) Koufax and another Dodger player boycott part of spring training in a contract dispute.
is the player?

  1. Don Drysdale

  2. Steve Carlton

  3. Manny Boggs

10) In 1972, he is elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  The Dodgers retire his number. 
On June 4, 1972, besides Koufax's number 32, who does
NOT have their number retired that day?

  1. Roy Campanella (39)

  2. Jackie Robinson (42)

  3. Chuck Connors (57)

11) What was Koufax’s career Strikeouts?

  1. 2396

  2. 2496

  3. 2596

12) What was Koufax’s career Win-Loss %?

  1. .555

  2. .655

  3. .666

13) What was Koufax’s career WHIP (Walks plus hits per inning pitched)?

  1. .906

  2. 1.006

  3. 1.106

14) What was Koufax’s career ERA?

  1. 2.76

  2. 3.76

  3. 4.76

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Sandy Koufax

1) C. 2) B. 3) True 4) A. 5) A. 6) True 7) B. 8) B. 9) A. 10) C. 11) A. 12) B. 13) C. 14) A.


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