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Philadelphia Phillies: 1930s-1940s

Test your baseball knowledge of the Philadelphia Phillies: 1930s-1940s
Get up to bat in this Alan's FANatical About Baseball Trivia quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Phillies Hat - Trivia powered by ABE1) William Baker, Phillies owner, died in 1930. He left half his estate to his wife and the other half to longtime team secretary Mae Mallen. Five years earlier, Mallen had married leather goods and shoe dealer Gerald Nugent. With the support of Baker's widow, Nugent became team president. Baker's widow died in 1932, leaving Nugent in complete control. Unlike Baker, Nugent badly wanted to build a winning team. However, he didn't have the financial means to do so. He was forced to trade what little talent the team had to make ends meet, and often had to use some creative financial methods to even field a team at all.

  • True or False?

2) Who was the Phillies manager from the 1928 to 1933 season?

  1. Burt Shotton

  2. Fred Hunter

  3. Art Funk

  4. John Baker

3) What is NOT years Chuck Klein played for the Phillies?

  1. 1928-1933

  2. 19341936

  3. 1936-1939

  4. 1940-1944

4) What year did the Phillies move from Baker Bowl to Shibe Park (renamed Connie Mach Stadium in 1953)?

  1. 1928

  2. 1933

  3. 1938

  4. 1948

5) The low point came in 1941, when the Phillies finished with a ghastly 43111 record, setting a franchise record for losses in a season.
What was the record?

  1. 73-81

  2. 63-91

  3. 53-101

  4. 43-111

6) In 1942, the Phillies needed an advance from the league just to go to spring training. Tram owner, Gerald Nugent, unable to find a buyer, was forced to sell the franchise back to the league early in February 1943. A week later, the league sold the Phillies to a wealthy lumber broker.
Who was the new owner?

  1. William B. Cox

  2. Ernest T. Bass

  3. Robert Molner

  4. Ira G. Hayes

7) Baseball Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis, who banned the new owner from baseball for life. Soon afterward, he sold controlling interest in the Phillies to DuPont heir.
Who was the DuPont heir?

  1. Lois D. Juliber

  2. Robert R.M. Carpenter

  3. Lee M. Thomas

  4. Robert A. Brown

8) What was the new nickname proposed by the new owner?

  1. Red Raiders

  2. Marlins

  3. Blue Jays

  4. Orioles

9) The 1948 season was the Phillies' 16th consecutive losing season. It was the major league record until it was broken in 2009 with their 17th consecutive losing season.
What team broke the record in 2009?

  1. Chicago Cubs

  2. San Diego Padres

  3. Colorado Rockies

  4. Pittsburgh Pirates

10) On August 19, 1949, the Phillies held "Eddie Waitkus Night" at Shibe Park. Waitkus was in uniform for the first time since being shot on June 14, 1949 in Chicago by an infatuated girl.

  • True or False?

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Philadelphia Phillies: 1930s-1940s

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