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Philadelphia Phillies: 1950s

Test your baseball knowledge of the Philadelphia Phillies: 1950s
Get up to bat in this Alan's FANatical About Baseball Trivia quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Phillies Hat - Trivia powered by ABE1) In 1950, who was the Phillies player that won the National League MLB Most Valuable Player NL?

  1. Jim Konstanty

  2. Jack Brohamer

  3. Pete Broberg

  4. Doug Bird

2) In 1950, who was the Phillies player that lead the National League in RBIís with 126?

  1. Doug Ault

  2. Del Ennis

  3. Dave McKay

  4. Lynn McGlothen

3) On July 1, 1950, the first-place Philadelphia Phillies defeat the Brooklyn Dodgers, 6Ė4, behind unbeaten rookie pitcher Bob Miller. Jim Konstanty makes his 30th relief appearance to help Miller win his 7th straight game. 2B Mike Goliat and 3B Willie Jones add home runs to pace an 11-hit attack. By winning their second straight game from Brooklyn, the Whiz Kids move .002 ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals and a game and a half over the Dodgers.

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4) On August 11, 1951, who was the Phillies pitcher that beat the New York Giants, 4-0, dropping the Giants 13.5 games behind the first-place Brooklyn Dodgers?

  1. Russ Meyer

  2. Bob Miller

  3. Robin Roberts

  4. Lou Possehl

5) In 1951, Phillies pitcher Robin Roberts lead the National League in wins.
How many did he have in 1952?

  1. 18

  2. 20

  3. 22

  4. 28

6) On May 16, 1953, who was the Phillies pitcher that pitched an almost-perfect game, when he retired 27 consecutive batters, after the Milwaukee Braves' leadoff batter reached base in the first inning on a single.

  1. Curt Simmons

  2. Ken Heintzelman

  3. Ken Johnson

  4. Niles Jordan

7) On May 13, 1954, who was the Phillies pitcher that pitched an almost-perfect game, when he retired 27 consecutive batters, after the Cincinnati Reds' leadoff batter hit a home run in the first inning.

  1. Steve Ridzik

  2. Robin Roberts

  3. Curt Simmons

  4. Herm Wehmeier

8) In 1955, who is the Phillies player that leads the National League in hitting with a .338 batting average?

  1. Mel Clark

  2. Del Ennis

  3. Richie Ashburn

  4. Stan Palys

9) In 1957, who is the Philllies player that wins the National League Rookie of the year?

  1. Bob Miller

  2. Seth Morehead

  3. Tom Qualters

  4. Jack Sanford

10) In early 1959, Phillies owner Bob Carpenter proposed building a new ballpark for the Phillies on 72 acres adjacent to the Garden State Park Racetrack in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Connie Mack Stadium was 50 years old, did not have sufficient parking, and the sale of alcohol was banned at sports venues in Pennsylvania. Beer sales were legal in New Jersey. The proposed ballpark would have seated 45,000 fans, been expandable to 60,000, and would have had 15,000 parking spaces.

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Philadelphia Phillies: 1950s

1) A.  2) B.  3) True  4) C.  5) D.  6) A.  7) B.  8) C.  9) D.   10) True

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