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Philadelphia Phillies: 1964 Season

Test your baseball knowledge of the Philadelphia Phillies: 1964 Season. 
Get up to bat in this
Alan's FANatical About Baseball Trivia quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Phillies Hat - Trivia powered by ABE1) Who was NOT a sportscaster for the 1964 Philadelphia Phillies?

  1. Byron Saam

  2. Bill Campbell

  3. Richie Ashburn

  4. Joe E. Brown

2) On December 5, 1963: Don Demeter and Jack Hamilton were traded by the Phillies to the Detroit Tigers for Jim Bunning and Gus Triandos.

  • True or False?

3) April 6, 1964: Darrell Sutherland was selected off waivers from the Phillies as a first-year waiver pick.
was the team that picked Darrell Sutherland?

  1. New York Mets

  2. Cleveland Indians

  3. Atlanta Braves

  4. LA Dodgers

4) Who is the right fielder elected to the 1964 Major League Baseball All-Star Game and is the games MVP?

  1. Johnny Briggs

  2. Johnny Callison

  3. Danny Cater

  4. Wes Covington

5) Who is the 1964 Philadelphia Phillies manager?

  1. Peanuts Lowrey

  2. George Myatt

  3. Bob Oldis

  4. Gene Mauch

6) John Boozer and Ryne Duren are elected to the 1964 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

  • True or False?

7) On Father's Day, Jim Bunning threw a perfect game against the Mets, the first in the National League since 1880.  For perhaps the only time in the stadium's history, the Shea faithful found themselves rooting for the visitors, caught up in the rare achievement, and roaring for Bunning on every pitch in the ninth inning.
did he strikeout to end the game?

  1. Ryan Howard

  2. John Stephenson

  3. Marv Thornberry

  4. Johnny Carter

8) In 1964, whAT was NOT a Phillies farm team?

  1. Arkansas Travelers

  2. Chattanooga Lookouts

  3. Phoenix Roadrunners

  4. Miami Marlins

9) Who was the starting third baseman during the 1964 seasons and had a batting average of .318?

  1. Dick Allen

  2. Bobby Wine

  3. Frank Thomas

  4. Bill Medley

10) From a 6-1/2 game lead on the Cincinnati Reds with 12 games remaining in the season, Philadelphia collapsed in a 10-game losing streak (the first seven played at home).  The "Phold," as it is known, is one of the most notable collapses in sports history.

  • True or False?

Philadelphia Phillies: 1964 Season [Answers]

1) D. 2) True 3) A. 4) B. 5) D. 6) False.  Jim Bunning and Chris Short are elected to the 1964 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. 7) B. 8) C. 9) A. 10) True

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