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Baltimore Orioles: The Early Years

Test your baseball knowledge of the Baltimore Orioles: The Early Years.
Get up to bat in this FUN Baseball Trivia quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Take 2 points for each right answer.  Maximum this page: 20 points!

Trivia powered by ABE1) The modern Orioles franchise can trace its roots back to the original Milwaukee Brewers of the minor Western League, beginning in 1894 when the league reorganized. The Brewers were there when the WL renamed itself the American League in 1900.

  • True or False?

2) During the first American League season in 1901, they finished last (8th place) with a record of 48–89. During its lone Major League season.
Who finished in 1st place that season?

  1. Chicago White Stockings
  2. Boston Americans
  3. Detroit Tigers
  4. Philadelphia Athletics

3) The team played between 16th and 18th Streets in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
What was the park’s name?

  1. Sparky’s Field
  2. Brewers Field
  3. Milwaukee’s Stadium
  4. Lloyd Street Grounds

4) Who was the manager of the 1901 Milwaukee Brewers?

  1. Ed Bruyette
  2. Hugh Duffy
  3. Phil Geier
  4. Lou Gertenrich

5) In 1902 the team moved to St. Louis, where it became the "Browns," in reference to the original name of the 1880s club that by 1900 was known as the Cardinals. They even built a new park on the site of the old Browns' former home.
What is the parks name?

  1. Sportsman's Park
  2. Borchert Field
  3. Robison Field
  4. Tiger Park

6) Who manages the 1902 St. Louis Browns?

  1. Charlie Hemphill
  2. Davy Jones
  3. Billy Maloney
  4. Jimmy McAleer

7) Bobby Wine is the slick fielding future Hall of Fame shortstop for the 1902 St. Louis Browns.

  • True or False?

8) Who as the Browns future Hall of Fame outfielder?

  1. Jesse Burkett
  2. Bill Friel
  3. Emmet Heidrick
  4. Davy Jones

9) What did the Browns rank in the 1902 American League?

  1. 1st
  2. 2nd
  3. 5th
  4. 8th

10)Who owned the 1902 St. Louis Browns?

  1. Henry Killilea
  2. Robert Hedges
  3. Phil Ball
  4. Bill Veeck

Baltimore Orioles: The Early Years [Answers]

1) True 2) A. 3) D. 4) B. 5) A. 6) D. 7) False.  Bobby Wallace is the slick fielding future Hall of Fame shortstop for the 1902 St. Louis Browns. 8) A. 9) B. 10) B.

Score for this page: _______

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