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Trivia powered by ABE1976 National League Championship Series (NLCS)

What is your baseball knowledge of the 1976 NLCS
Get up to bat in this Alan's FANatical About Baseball Trivia quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1) Who was the Cincinnati Reds manager?

  1. Sparky Anderson

  2. Al Michaels

  3. Warner Wolf

  4. Tom Seaver

2) Who was the Philadelphia Phillies manager?

  1. Ed Sudol

  2. Danny Ozark

  3. Ralph Kiner

  4. Jerry Coleman

3) Game 1: Saturday, October 9, 1976 at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Who was the winning pitcher?

  1. Jim Bunning

  2. Denis Bennett

  3. Don Gullett

  4. Steve Carlton

4) In Game 1, who was the Reds lead-off hitter?

  1. Tony Perez

  2. Joe Morgan

  3. Ken Griffy

  4. Pete Rose

5) Game 2: Sunday, October 10, 1976 at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Who was the Phillies player that hit a solo homer in the fifth inning?

  1. Greg Luzinski

  2. Dick Allen

  3. Bob Boone

  4. Marshall Tucker

6) In Game 2, who did NOT hit an RBI for the Reds?

  1. Pete Rose

  2. Joe Morgan

  3. Ken Griffey

  4. Tony Perez

7) Game 3: Tuesday, October 12, 1976 at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Who was still on the mound for the ninth, when George Foster and Johnny Bench hit back-to-back solo homers to tie the game.

  1. Ron Schueler

  2. Wayne Twitchell

  3. Ron Reed

  4. Tom Underwood

8) In Game 3, who beat out the hit and Concepción scored to send the Reds to their second straight World Series.

  1. Cesar Geronimo

  2. Gary Nolan

  3. Manny Sarmiento

  4. Ken Griffey

9) What was the 1976 NLCS total attendance?

  1. 180,338

  2. 200,664

  3. 201,229

  4. 202,110

10) Who was the Phillies player that was at bat 9 times with 7 hits for a .778 batting average?

  1. Greg Luzinski

  2. Jay Johnstone

  3. Garry Maddox

  4. Jerry Martin

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1976 NCLS

1) A. 2) B. 3) C. 4) D. 5) A. 6) B. 7) C. 8) D. 9) A. 10) B.

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