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Mister Ed

What do you know about Mister Ed?  Take this quick FUN TV  Trivia.  "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

 Alan's TV Shows FUN Trivia Q&A.  Trivia powered by ABE1. Mister Ed is an American television situation comedy that first aired in syndication on January 5, 1961 to July 2, 1961 and then on CBS from October 1, 1961 to February 6, 1966. Mister Ed was the first series ever to debut as a midseason replacement, occurring before the premiere of Batman, five years later.

  • True or False?

2. The stars of the show are Mister Ed, an intelligent palomino American Saddlebred who could talk. What was the horse's name that plays Mister Ed?

  • Trigger
  • Goldie
  • Bamboo Harvester

3. Who was the voice of Mister Ed?

  • Alan Young
  • Alan Hale
  • Allan Lane

4. Mr. Ed only talked to his owner, Wilbur Post. Who plays Wilbur Post?

  • Alan Young
  • Alan Hale
  • Allan Lane

5. Wilbur is married to Carol. Who plays Carol?

  • Connie Hines
  • Edna Skinner
  • Florence MacMichael

6. Mister Ed was produced, initially, by George Burns McCadden Productions. Burns later said that he hired Alan Young for the part of Wilbur Post because he �just seemed like the sort of guy a horse would talk to.�

  • True or False

7. The Post�s neighbors are the Addisons (Larry Keating and Edna Skinner) until 1963 (upon Larry Keating's death that year). Before Mister Ed, what TV show is Larry Keating a regular on?

  • Burns and Allen
  • The Wayward Bus
  • I Spy

8. The series was sponsored from 1961 to 1963 by Studebaker-Packard Corporation/Studebaker Corporation, a now-defunct American car manufacturer. What was the model that the Posts are shown owning?

  • 1962 Lark convertible
  • Nash
  • Packard

9. In Season 2, Episode 25 : Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed (1962). Clint Eastwood guest on Mister Ed. Who plays his girlfriend?

  • Donna Douglas
  • Connie Post
  • Alice Skinner

10. The short story "Ed Takes the Pledge" about a talking horse was the basis for Mister Ed (credit for creating the characters is given in each episode). Who wrote the story?

  • Walter R. Brooks
  • Jay Livingston
  • Ira Stewart

Mister Ed (Answers)

  1. True
  2. Bamboo Harvester
  3. Allan Lane
  4. Alan Young
  5. Connie Hines
  6. True
  7. Burns and Allen
  8. 1962 Lark convertible
  9. Donna Douglas
  10. Walter R. Brooks

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