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I Love Lucy

What do you know about I Love Lucy? Try this Alan's FUN TV Trivia Quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

I Love Lucy1) Lucy Does a TV Commercial: Lucy is hired to act as "the product girl" in a TV commercial, to promote a health tonic that contains healthy amounts of vitamins, meat, vegetables, minerals and a less-than-healthy dose of 23% alcohol.
What is the product she is selling?

  1. Vitameatavegamin

  2. Smokers Delight

  3. Food Maker

2) I Love Lucy was somewhat similar to My Favorite Husband, a 1948-51 CBS comedy radio series in which Lucille Ball (as zany housewife Liz Copper).
Who played her husband George?

  1. Richard Denning

  2. Gale Gordon

  3. Dezi Arnaz

3) The Manhattan building they all lived in before their move to Westport, Connecticut was addressed at 623 East 68th Street, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, which in reality would be located in the East River.

  • True or False?

4) In L.A. At Last: Lucy, Fred, and Ethel have lunch at The Brown Derby, where Lucy accidentally causes a waiter to heave a pie in a famous actor's face.  Later at the hotel, Ricky has a surprise for her.  He has brought one of her favorite actors to meet her.
Who is the famous actor in this episode?

  1. James Arness

  2. William Holden

  3. James Stewart

5) Ricky was a band leader.
What was the name of the nightclub the band played at?

  1. Tropicana

  2. Club Cuba

  3. Latin Rhythm

6) In The Young Fans (February 25, 1952), a teenager (Janet Waldo) has a crush on Ricky.  Lucy tries pairing her up with another teenager who quickly thinks that Lucy herself has feelings for him!  The "old" couple decide to make themselves appear a bit longer in the tooth to fool their young chargers.
Who played the other teenager who thought Lucy had a crush on him?

  1. Richard Crenna

  2. Robert Redford

  3. Paul Newman

7) In The Freezer (April 28, 1952), Lucy and Ethel buy two whole sides of meat. After unsuccessfully trying to pawn it off, the two install a battered meat locker in the basement.  Lucy learns the hard way how cold it is - she gets locked inside!

  • True or False?

8) What was Lucy's maiden name?

  1. McGillicuddy

  2. Potter

  3. Ramsey

9) At the time, most television shows were broadcast live from New York City, and a low-quality 35mm or 16mm kinescope print was made of the show to broadcast it in other time zones.  But Ball was pregnant at the time, and she and Arnaz therefore insisted on filming the show in Hollywood.  Arnaz and Ball, along with co-creator Jess Oppenheimer, then decided to shoot the show on 35 mm film in front of a studio audience, with three cameras, a technique now standard for most present-day sitcoms.

  • True or False?

10) As originally broadcast, the episodes opened with animated matchstick figures of Arnaz and Ball making reference to whomever the particular episode's sponsor was. These sequences were created by animators who declined screen credit because they were technically under exclusive contract to MGM at the time.
Who animated the beginning?

  1. Chuck Jones

  2. Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera

  3. Walt Disney

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