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Happy Days

Choose an answer from the three choices and True or False offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

 Alan's TV Shows FUN Trivia Q&A.  Trivia powered by ABE1. How many seasons did Happy Days originally appear on TV?

  • 9
  • 11
  • 13

2. Happy Days originated during a time of 1950s nostalgic interest evident in film, television, and music. The show began as an unsold pilot called New Family in Town, with ______ _______ in the role of Howard Cunningham. While Paramount passed on making it into a weekly series, the pilot was recycled with the title "Love and the Happy Days", for presentation on the television anthology series Love, American Style. File in the blanks.

  • Harold Gould
  • Garry Marshall
  • Tom Bosley

3. Who did NOT stay with the show from its pilot, an episode of Love, American Style, to its conclusion.

  • Marion Ross
  • Anson Williams
  • Henry Winkler

4. The Cunningham's official address is 565 North Clinton Drive, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. However, the house that served as the exterior of the Cunningham residence is actually located at 565 North Cahuenga Avenue (south of Melrose Avenue) in Los Angeles, just a few blocks from the Paramount lot on Melrose Avenue.

  • True or False?

5. From the third season until the end, who directed each episode?

  • Jerry Paris
  • Garry Marshall
  • Ron Howard

6. What was "Fonzie's" real first name?

  • Arthur
  • Charles
  • Al

7. Who played KC - Howard's niece. Seen only during 10th season?

  • Crystal Bernard
  • Linda Purl
  • Ellen Travolta

8. Who was Richie's older brother during the first two seasons?

  • Ralph
  • Chuck
  • Warren

9. What show was NOT a spin-off of Happy Days?

  • Laverne & Shirley
  • Mork & Mindy
  • Turner and Hooch

10. John Travolta appeared in an episode as a character seeking revenge on Fonzie for pushing him off a swing when the two of them were in the 3rd grade. The confrontation occurs just as Fonzie was about to be given a community leader award.

  • True or False?

Check Your Answers

  • 1. 11
  • 2. Harold Gould
  • 3. Henry Winkler
  • 4. True
  • 5. Jerry Paris
  • 6. Arthur Fonzarelli
  • 7. Crystal Bernard
  • 8. Chuck
  • 9. Turner and Hooch
  • 10. False, the correct answer is Tom Hanks
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