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The Mod Squad

What do you know about The Mod Squad? Try this Alan's FUN TV Trivia Quiz. "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

 Alan's TV Shows FUN Trivia Q&A.  Trivia powered by ABE1) The Mod Squad was a police drama television series that began on ABC on September 24, 1968. When did the show go off the air?
  1. August 23, 1972
  2. August 23, 1973
  3. August 23, 1974
2) Who was NOT an Executive Producer of the series?
  1. Danny Thomas
  2. Aaron Spelling
  3. Sheldon Leonard
3) The Mod Squad was a police drama that featured three young, hip, crime fighters. One White, One Black, One Blonde, was the promotional hype-line. Who was NOT one of the shows stars?
  1. Michael Cole
  2. Clarence Williams III
  3. Dennis Farina
4) The show was loosely based on a police officer's experiences in the late 1950s as a squad leader for undercover narcotics cops, though it took almost 10 years after he wrote a script for the idea to be given the green light by ABC television studios. Who was the police officer?
  1. Bud Ruskin
  2. Jack Webb
  3. Linc Hayes
5) One Blonde (Julie Barnes) was played by what actress?
  1. Peggy Lipton
  2. Shelley Hack
  3. Pamela Bellwood
6) Who is Michael Cole currently married to?
  1. Paula Kelly Dickinson
  2. Shelley Funes
  3. Mandy Jones
7. Who played Captain Adam Greer?
  1. Tige Andrews
  2. Buddy Ryan
  3. Adam West
8. Clarence Williams III plays Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson in a current film. What is the movie?
  1. Dan In Real Life
  2. Michael Clayton
  3. American Gangster
9) Where was Aaron Spelling born?
  1. Dallas, Texas
  2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  3. New York City
10) Who is Aaron Spelling's first wife?
  1. Donna Reed
  2. Carolyn Jones
  3. Morticia Adams

The Mod Squad

1) C. 2) C.  3) C. 4) A. 5) A. 6) B. 7) A. 8) C. 9) A. 10) B.

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