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Andy Griffith Quiz | Don Knotts Quiz

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The Andy Griffith Show

What do you know about The Andy Griffith Show?
Try this Alan's FUN TV Trivia quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1. The show stars Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor.  
What is his occupation?
The Andy Griffith Show

  1. Lieutenant North Carolina National Guard
  2. Judge Mayberry County, North Carolina
  3. Sheriff Mayberry, North Carolina

2. Who was NOT a cast member?

  1. Ron Howard
  2. Frances Bavier
  3. Sam Jones

3. The show ran from October 3rd, 1960 to April 1st, 1968.
How many 30 minute episodes were filmed?

  1. 149 episodes
  2. 249 episodes
  3. 349 episodes

4. The series was very popular from its inception and left the air when it was #1 in the Nielsen Ratings.  Only two other shows left the air #1.
Which is NOT a TV Show that left the air #1?

  1. I Love Lucy
  2. The Rifleman
  3. Seinfeld

5. Andy Griffith appears in all episodes.
Who was the actor that appears in the second highest appearances?

  1. Don Knotts
  2. Frances Bavier
  3. Ron Howard

6. Who created the show?

  1. Sheldon Leonard
  2. Danny Thomas
  3. Andy Griffith

7. Frances Bavier wins an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series?

  • True or False

8. Don Knotts won Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.
How many times did he win for play Barney Fife?

  1. Two
  2. Five
  3. Eight

9. In 1967, the show received its only Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series.
What show won the Emmy that year?

  1. The Monkees
  2. The Courtship of Eddie's Father
  3. Sanford and Son

10. In the first season, Andy's girlfriend was Ellie Walker.  
Who played Ellie?

  1. Elinor Donahue
  2. Cheerio Meredith
  3. Hope Summers

The Andy Griffith Show

1) C. 2) C 3) B. 4) B. 5) C. 6) C. 7) True 8) B. 9) A. 10) A.

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