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Meet the Press

What do you know about Meet the Press
Try this Alan's FUN TV Trivia Quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Meet the Press1) Meet The Press first aired on TV on November 6, 1947.
Who was the first moderator?

  • Mildred Ann Hill
  • Martha Rountree
  • Bill Shadel

2) Meet the Press is the highest-rated of the American television Sunday morning talk shows.

  • True or False?

3) Meet the Press was originally presented as a 30-minute press conference with a single guest and a panel of questioners.
Who was the first guest?

  • Dwight Eisenhower
  • James Farley
  • Harry Truman

4) NBC officials, concerned for the show's future, turned to Tim Russert, the network's Washington bureau chief. He took over and remained until his death on June 13, 2008, serving as moderator longer than anyone in the program's history.
When did he become the moderator?

  • November 9, 1975
  • June 2, 1984
  • December 8, 1991

5) David Broder of the Washington Post appeared 401 times as a panelist with his first appearance was in 1963.
Who appeared as a panelist 248 times?

  • Rowland Evans
  • Al Hunt
  • Robert Novak

6) First female guest was Elizabeth Bentley, a courier for a Communist spy ring, on September 12, 1948.

  • True or False?

7) Who was the first athlete to appear on April 14, 1967?

  • Joe DiMaggio
  • Harmon Killerbrew
  • Jackie Robinson

8) The first live communications satellite TV interview occurred on Meet the Press with the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson.
What was the date?

September 19, 1965
September 19, 1970
September 19, 1975

9) What guest has appeared on Meet the Press the most times with 63 appearances?

  • Bob Dole
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Richard Lugar

10) When did David Gregory began his tenure as moderator of Meet the Press?

  • December 14, 2007
  • December 14, 2008
  • December 14, 2009

Check Your Answers

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Meet the Press

  1. Martha Rountree
  2. True
  3. James Farley
  4. December 8, 1991
  5. Robert Novak
  6. True
  7. Jackie Robinson
  8. September 19, 1965
  9. Bob Dole
  10. December 14, 2008
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