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The Pittsburgh Steelers: 1990 Season

What do you know about the Pittsburgh Steelers: 1990 Season?
Score a touchdown with this Alan's FUN NFL Sports Quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the bottom of the page.

1) Week 1 (Sunday September 9, 1990): at Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio. The Steelers lost 13-3. Football
Who kicked the Steelers’ field goal?

  • Gary Anderson
  • Don Criqui
  • Bob Trumpy

2) The Steelers did not score an offensive touchdown until the 5th game of the season.

  • True or False?

3) Week 8 (Monday October 29, 1990): vs. Los Angeles Rams at Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. TV announcers: (ABC) Al Michaels (play by play), Frank Gifford & Dan Dierdorf (color commentators).
How many points did the Steelers score to beat the Rams?

  • 21
  • 31
  • 41

4) Week 15 (Sunday December 16, 1990): at New Orleans Saints at Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana. The Steelers won the game 9-6.
Who did NOT kick a field goal?

  • Morten Andersen
  • Gary Anderson
  • Joe Theismann

5) Week 17 (Sunday December 30, 1990): at Houston Oilers at Astrodome, Houston, Texas. Houston beat the Steelers 34-14.
Who scored both Steelers’ touchdowns?

  • Merril Hoge
  • Warren Williams
  • Tim Worley

6) D.J. Johnson, LCB lead the team in tackles.
How many did he have?

  • 69 tackles
  • 79 tackles
  • 99 tackles

7) Franco Harris, FB, lead the team in rushing with 772 yards.

  • True or False?

8) Who is the WR that leads the team in receiving with 50 receptions?

  • Louis Lipps
  • Rick Storm
  • Lynn Williams

9) Who is the quarterback that passes for 2,725 yards with 20 touchdown.

  • Richard Bell
  • Bubby Brister
  • Dwight Stone

10) Who makes the (1st team) All-Pro?

  • Barry Foster
  • Dwight Stone
  • Rod Woodson
Check Your Answers
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Pittsburgh Steelers: 1990 Season (Answers)

  1. Gary Anderson
  2. True
  3. 41
  4. Joe Theismann
  5. Merril Hoge
  6. 69 tackles
  7. False. Merril Hoge, FB, lead the team in rushing with 772 yards.
  8. Louis Lipps
  9. Bubby Brister
  10. Rod Woodson

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