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Joe Namath

Test your football knowledge of Joe Namath
Get up to bat in this Alan's FANatical About Football Trivia quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1) Where was Joseph William "Joe" Namath born on May 31, 1943?Alan's NFL FUN Trivia Quizzes - Trivia powered by ABE

  1. Oakland, Maryland

  2. Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

  3. Williamsburg, Pennsylvania

  4. Keyser, West Virginia

2) Between 1962 - 64, Namath played college football for the University of Alabama Crimson.  Who was the Alabama head coach?

  1. Paul "Bear" Bryant

  2. Ray Perkins

  3. Gene Stallings

  4. Frank Thomas

3) In the 1965 football draft, Namath was picked #1 in the American Football League draft by the New York Jets. The NFL's draft he was selected 12th overall. He signed with the Jets for a record (at the time) $427,000 [$3,174,020 in 2013]. What team drafted Namath in the National Football League?

  1. Cleveland Browns

  2. Minnesota Vikings

  3. Pittsburgh Steelers

  4. St. Louis Cardinals

4) In Namath’s first season with the New York Jets in 1965, in 13 games, how many yards did he pass?

  1. 1,220 yards

  2. 1,820 yards

  3. 2,220 yards

  4. 2,820 yards

5) Namath became the first professional quarterback to pass for 4,000 yards in a season (1967) when he threw for 4,007 yards in a 14-game season. Who broke the record in 1979 (4,082 yards) in a 16-game season?

  1. Dan Fouts

  2. Bart Starr

  3. Len Dawson

  4. Terry Bradshaw

6) Who was the former NFL star and coach ridiculed the AFL before Super Bowl III, saying "This will be Namath's first Professional Football game."

  1. Matt Allen

  2. Norm Van Brocklin

  3. Bob Baker

  4. Vince Maker

7) The head of ABC's televised sports, Roone Arledge, made sure that Monday Night Football's inaugural game (September 21, 1970) would feature Namath and the New York Jets. Who did the Jets play?

  1. Boston Patriots

  2. New York Giants

  3. Cleveland Browns

  4. Los Angles Rams

8) What was Namath’s NFL football career QB Rating?

  1. 45.5

  2. 50.5

  3. 55.5

  4. 65.5

9) What was Namath’s career Passing Yards?

  1. 27,663

  2. 30,663

  3. 32,663

  4. 37,663

10) When was Namath inducted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

  1. 1982

  2. 1985

  3. 1990

  4. 1995

Joe Namath

1) B.  2) A.  3) D.  4) C.  5) A.  6) B.  7) C.  8) D.  9) A.  10) B.

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