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What is the Gene Autry B-Western?

What do you know about Gene Autry B-Westerns? Try this Western Film FUN Trivia quiz.

1. Smiley Burnette and I play uncredited roles in this Western. George 'Gabby' Hayes plays Cactus. He is George Hayes in the credits. Ken Maynard is the film's star. It is a black and white film runs 64 minutes for Mascot Pictures. It was directed by David Howard and Joseph Kane (uncredited). The movie is released November 15, 1934.
What is the B-Western?

  • In Old Santa Fe
  • In New Mexico
  • In Old Taos

2. This 12 episode B-Western serial is released February 23, 1935. Otto Brower and B. Reeves Eason directed this 12-part B-Western for Mascot Pictures. The story line is: when the ancient continent of Mu sank beneath the ocean, some of its inhabitant survived in caverns beneath the sea. I am the cowboy singer who stumbles upon the civilization, now buried beneath my own Radio Ranch. Smiley is billed as Lester 'Smiley' Burnett and plays Oscar. It is 245 minutes long or about 20 minutes for each episode.
What is the B-Western?

  • Gene Autry's Ranch
  • The Phantom Ranch
  • The Cave Masters

3. Joseph Kane directs this black and white film for Republic Pictures. It is 61 minutes long in the original version; however, the 2004 restored version is 58 minutes. Here is a line from the movie:
Dr. Parker: Well, if this is the way squatters live, I should think that they'd have been glad to get run off. I know I never could stand squatting.
Smiley: I never knew it was possible.
Dr. Parker: You never knew what was possible?
Smiley: To stand squatting.
Dr. Parker is played by George "Gabby" Hayes. The story line: after a five year absence I return home to find my father murdered and my boyhood pal accused of the dastardly deed. I wrote five songs in the movie. The movie is released September 5, 1935.
What is the B-Western?

  • Riding Down the Canyon
  • Oh! Susanna
  • Tumbling Tumbleweeds

4. This is the movie's tagline: Rip-Roarin'...Hard-Ridin'...Texas Rangers...singin'...fightin'...galloping to glory in the greatest saga of their famed history! Joseph Kane directs this black and white B-Western for Republic. It is 63 minutes in the original version. I sing "On the Sunset Trail" in the movie. The movie is released September 30, 1936.
What is the B-Western?

  • Ride Ranger Ride
  • Oh, Susanna!
  • Guns and Guitars

5. The movie is about rustlers using modern technology (airplanes, shortwave radios, refrigerated trucks) are my target. It is released August 23, 1937 with Joseph Kane as the director of this black and white B-Western. Smiley sings "I Got the Heebie-Jeebie Blues". It is a song he wrote. The movie runs 61 min (copyright length) (restored version).
What is the B-Western?

  • Modern Cowboys
  • Public Cowboy No. 1
  • Hang'em High

6. The Republic Pictures is directed by Jack Townley. It is released on February 3, 1939 and runs 59 minutes in the original version. I'm a border inspector who makes certain no diseased animals make it into the United States. In the movie, I sing ""Big Bull Frog", written by Walter G. Samuels.
What is the B-Western?

  • Home on the Prairie
  • Home on the Range
  • Big Bull Frog

7. Joseph Santley directs this black and white B-Western for Republic Pictures. It is released August 17, 1942. The original runs 71 minutes. The Sons of the Pioneers sing "(Give Me Back My) Boots And Saddle, written by Walter G. Samuels, Whitcomb and Powell. I head some cattlemen who have been swindled by Thomas McCoy. McCoy needed their money to pay off his gambling debt. Edmund MacDonald plays McCoy.
What is the B-Western?

  • Call of the Canyon
  • Under the Tonto Rim
  • The Rangeland

8. Smiley and I sing "Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You", written by Jimmie Morgan and Thomas Holer. When her competitor gets too rough rodeo owner Jennifer gets help from me. Virginia Grey plays Jennifer. This Republic Pictures runs 78 min (original version) and is released September 15, 1942. William Morgan directs the film. It is the last film I did before going to war.
What is the B-Western?

  • Where Eagles Fly
  • Rodeo Clowns
  • Bells of Capistrano

9. Utilizing a script from 1939's "She Married a Cop" with a 1946 Hit Parade song for the title, it is my first film after returning from my WW II Army Air Corps service. The movie has has Hollywood talent scout Sue Warner (Lynne Roberts) in search of a singing cowboy and finding and offering cattle rancher Gene Autry (I play the role) a contract. The movie come out November 21, 1946 and is directed by Frank McDonald. It runs 69 minutes (original version). The Cass County Boys and I sing the title song that is written by Dick Thomas.
What is the B-Western?

  • By the Time I Get to Phoenix
  • Sioux City Sue
  • Riders in the Sky

10. This is my final B-Western. George Archainbaud directs the film for Gene Autry Productions. It is a black and white film that runs 58 minutes. In this westerns I'm a Pony Express rider deciding to start a stage line to carry the mail, since with the coming of the telegraph, the need for the Pony Express no longer exists. Ruth Woodman writes the story and screenplay. The movie is released November 3, 1953. I sing and writ "Sing Me a Song of the Saddle". Smiley sings "Sugar Babe".
What is the B-Western?

  • Last of the Pony Riders
  • Long Ride Home
  • Home Sweet Home

Gene Autry Answers

  1. In Old Santa Fe
  2. The Phantom Ranch
  3. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  4. Ride Ranger Ride
  5. Public Cowboy No. 1
  6. Home on the Prairie
  7. Call of the Canyon
  8. Bells of Capistrano
  9. Sioux City Sue
  10. Last of the Pony Riders

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