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What's the B-Western?: Roy Rogers

What do you know about Roy Rogers B-Westerns?  Try this FUN Western Films Trivia quiz.  "Check Your Answers" at the bottom of thee page.

Film and TV Westerns1. This Western is released on April 20, 1938 by Republic Studios.  It is my first starring role. I get elected to congress in order to bring water to the ranchers in my district. Joseph Kane directs this 65 minute black and white Western. Smiley Burnette played Frog.
What is the B-Western?

  • Under Western Stars
  • The Washington Knight
  • Under Arizona Stars

2. After Pat Garrett kills Billy the Kid. I am Billy's look-alike. I arrive and is mistaken for him. Smiley Burnette played my sidekick Frog Millhouse. This black and white film from Republic was directed by Joseph Kane and ran 53 minutes. It was released September 4, 1938.
What is the B-Western?

  • New Mexico Sky
  • Roy and Pat
  • Billy the Kid Returns

3. I was in this 1939 American western film directed by Joseph Kane under the Republic Pictures banner. I played as a Confederate officer in Missouri during the American Civil War. The black and white movie ran 61 minutes. It was released September 29, 1939.
What is the B-Western?

  • The Rebel Kid
  • The Arizona Kid
  • The Missouri Raiders

4. I played a young famous Old West legend, who is after a foreign agent and his guerrilla band who are trying to take over some western territory just as the Civil War is coming to a close. Joseph Kane directed this black and white film for Republic. In its original version, the movie ran 59 minutes. George 'Gabby' Hayes played 'Gabby' Whitaker. It was released October 21, 1940.
What is the B-Western?

  • Young Bill Hickok
  • Young Bill Cody
  • Young Wyatt Earp

5. Joseph Kane directed this black and white film for Republic. I play an Eastern doctor who is on the run from authorities in New York. Out west I come to the aid of friends besieged by an outlaw gang. In the end, I'm cleared of any wrong-doing back east. Again, Gabby Hays is my sidekick. This 58 minute Western was released on December 5, 1940.
What is the B-Western?

  • The Gunfighters
  • The Border Legion
  • The Protectors

6. I played Brett Starr in this May 7, 1941 Western. Joseph Kane directed this black and white film for Republic. In this Western, the mayor has sent for a gunslinger who, though appearing to clean up the town, is really to be the mayor's means of taking the town over. When Gabby and I arrive in town, I'm mistaken for the gunslinger. Just as I'm ready to expose the mayor, the real gunslinger shows up. The movie was 56 minutes long.
What is the B-Western?

  • Sheriff of Tombstone
  • Sheriff of Apple Valley
  • Sheriff of Dodge City

7. This Black and White Western ran 55 minutes and was directed by Joseph Kane for Republic. New Mexico is the scene of undeveloped gold mines and kidnapping. Modern elements include tommy guns, an airplane, two-way radios, fast cars, and big city gangsters. The movie was filmed Newall, California. Gabby plays my sidekick and Paul Fix played Joe Keenan. It was released February 17, 1942.
What is the B-Western?

  • Silver City Gold
  • Taos Rangers
  • South of Santa Fe

8. Joseph Kane directs me in this July 2, 1942 Western. The story line is about night raiders burning down the ranchers' barns and poisoning their cattle. Sheriff Gabby, unable to cope, goes east to get help from me, descendent of two famous sheriffs. I'm a young entomologist who would rather study bugs than strap on guns. I finally give in to Gabby's wishes and ends the terror. The movie includes Bob Nolan and Pat Brady. The Western runs 55 minutes.
What is the B-Western?

  • Sons of the Pioneers
  • This Is Our Country
  • Western Hit Parade

9. Bad guy, played by John Hubbard, gambler and town boss, tries to take a gold mine inherited by innocent Mary Lee on her seventeenth birthday. My pal "Big Boy" Williams and I ride to help the girl and her cousin (Dale). Songs include the title song, "Round Her Neck She Wore a Yellow Ribbon," "Bunk House Bugle Boy," and "Enchilada Man." This Western was released on May 13, 1944 by Republic and directed by Joseph Kane. This black and white film runs 78 minutes.
What is the B-Western?

  • Roy and Teddy Bear
  • Cowboy and Teddy Bear
  • Cowboy and the Senorita

10. Released on November 15, 1951, this Western was directed by William Witney for Republic. Cattle smugglers are working along the U.S. border with Mexico. Hoof-and-mouth disease is discovered among the stolen cattle. I become involved when a fellow border patrolman is murdered by the rustlers. It is my last B-Western. Dale plays Cathy Marsh and my sidekick is Pinky Lee. This black and white film runs 68 minutes.
What is the B-Western?

  • Pals of the Golden West
  • Pals of the Wild West
  • Texas Pals

Check Your Answers

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