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TV Westerns Trivia 18

Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, The Loner, Mackenzie's Raiders, A Man Called Shenandoah, Man From Blackhawk, Man without a Gun, The Men from Shiloh, The Monroes, My Friend Flicka, Nichols, and Northwest Passage

Choose an answer from the four choices offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Western Movies Trivia Q&A.  Trivia powered by ABE.Life and Times of Grizzly Adams

1) This Western is about a man accused of a crime he did not commit. It lasted from February 1977 to July 1978.
Who played Grizzly Adams?

  1. Denver Plye
  2. Don Shanks
  3. Allen Case
  4. Dan Haggerty

The Loner

2) This Western only had a six-month run, during the 1965-1966 season. The plot revolved around William Colton, a former Union Cavalry Officer after the Civil War.
Who played William Colton?

  1. Lloyd Bridges
  2. Jeff Bridges
  3. Beau Bridges
  4. Herman Bridges

3) Who created the series for CBS-TV?

  1. Lloyd Bridges
  2. Rod Serling
  3. Louis L'Amour
  4. Max Brand

Mackenzie's Raiders

4) This is a one season Western debuted in the fall of 1958. It is about the adventures of Col. Ranald Mackenzie's cavalry regiment.
Who played Mackenzie?

  1. Richard Carlson
  2. Terence Hill
  3. Henry Fonda
  4. James Stewart

A Man Called Shenandoah

5) This 1965-1966 season Westerns shown on ABC-TV.  Robert Horton had been a star of another TV series.
Can you name the series?

  1. Bonanza
  2. Rawhide
  3. Wagon Train
  4. Wyatt Earp

Man From Blackhawk

6) This Western was about insurance investigator Sam Logan.  He worked for the Blackhawk Insurance Company of Chicago.  The series starred Robert Rockwell. Mr. Rockwell is best know as Adam McLean in Man Without a Gun

  • True or False?

Man without a Gun

7). This syndicated Western had 52 episodes between 1957-1959.
Who starred in the series?

  1. Bill Fulman
  2. Henry Fonda
  3. Bill Worth
  4. Rex Reason

The Men from Shiloh

8) This is a short 24 episode Western.  The series starred James Drury, Doug McClure, Stewart Granger, and Lee Majors.  It was on the air during the 1970-1971 season. It is a retooled version of what popular TV Western?

  1. McCloud
  2. The Big Valley
  3. Rawhide
  4. The Virginian

The Monroes

9) The Western aired only 17 episodes. It was the story of parents getting killed in their journey westward. The two oldest children Clayt and Kathy Monroe help raise their other siblings. Who played Kathy Monroe

  1. nita Louise
  2. Jill Ireland
  3. Mattie Madison
  4. Barbara Hershey

My Friend Flicka

10) . This Western is based on Mary O'Hara's stories.  It ran from 1956 to 1958.
Who was not in the cast?

  1. Gene Evans
  2. Johnny Washbrook
  3. Keith Schultz
  4. Anita Louise


11) James Garner starred in this Western. The show only lasted one season, 1971-1972. He played a hesitant Western sheriff circa 1914.
What was the town's name?

  1. Globe
  2. Casa Grande
  3. Prescott
  4. Nichols

Northwest Passage

12) Another of the one season Westerns, this TV series is about the French and Indian War from 1754 to 1759. The lead character is Major Robert Rogers of the Roger's Rangers.
Who was not in the cast?

  • A. Don Burnett
  • B. Rod Taylor
  • C. Buddy Ebsen
  • D. Keith Larsen

More Western Trivia


  • Life and Times of Grizzly Adams
    • 1) D.
  • The Loner
    • 2) A.
    • 3) B.
  • Mackenzie's Raiders
    • 4) A.
  • A Man Called Shenandoah
    • 5. C.
  • Man From Blackhawk
    • 6. False.  He is best known as Mr. Boynton on "Our Miss Brooks"
  • Man without a Gun
    • 7. D.
  • The Men from Shiloh
    • 8. D.
  • The Monroes
    • 9. D.
  • My Friend Flicka
    • 10. C.
  • Nichols
    • 11. D.
  • Northwest Passage
    • 12. B.

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