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All of My Heroes Are Cowboys

Choose an answer from the four choices offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

As I write this, the inspiration comes from my Ivan Jesse Curtis' "All of My Heroes Are Cowboys" signed 1830/2000.

Ivan Jesse Curtis� �All of My Hero�s Are Cowboys�1. Tom Mix
What is Tom Mix's last film?

  • The Lawless Range
  • The New Frontier
  • Powdersmoke Range
  • The Miracle Rider

2. John Wayne
In several films, John Wayne called people this name, what is it?

  • Stranger
  • Good Heart
  • Pilgrim
  • Lost Boy

3. Buck Jones
Buck Jones died in a tragedy. What was it?

  • Pearl Harbor, Hawaii December 7, 1941
  • Boston, Massachusetts, Cocoanut Grove Night Club Fire November 28, 1942
  • North Africa Invasion 1942 as an army officer
  • Manila, Philippines during the Japanese invasion

4. Tim Holt
In 1948, Tim Holt stars with his father, Jack Holt, in what movie?

  • The Lawless Bunch
  • Black Bart
  • Wyoming
  • Arizona Rangers

5. Bob Steele
In the late 1960s, Bob Steele was a regular on what TV series?

  • F Troop
  • The Addams Family
  • Gunsmoke
  • The Big Valley

6. Hoot Gibson
What 1959 film did Hoot Gibson have a part?

  • The Jayhawkers
  • Escort West
  • The Horse Soldiers
  • The Hanging Tree

7. Gene Autry
After he left Republic and went to Columbia Pictures, Gene billed himself as this?

  • King of the Cowboys
  • King of the Westerns
  • Public Cowboy #1
  • America's Favorite Cowboy

8. Roy Rogers
What year did Roy Rogers marry his leading lady Dale Evans?

  • 1945
  • 1946
  • 1947
  • 1948

9. Tex Ritter
With many years as a featured Western actor, it was his haunting singing voice that helps build the tension in this 1952 Western?

  • The Half-Breed
  • Kangaroo
  • Hellgate
  • High Noon

10. Lash LaRue
When Al "Lash" LaRue rode the silver screen, he used an unusual weapon, what was it?

  • Sawed Off Shotgun
  • Bullwhip
  • Rawhide Rope
  • Sawed Off Winchester

11. Ken Maynard
Ken Maynard, Bob Steele and Hoot Gibson star in a trio western series under what name?

  • The Three Amigos
  • The Three Mesquiteers
  • The Trail Blazers
  • The Range Riders

Check Your Answers

All of My Heroes Are Cowboys [Answers]

  1. The Miracle Rider
  2. Pilgrim
  3. Boston, Massachusetts, Cocoanut Grove Night Club Fire November 28, 1942
  4. Arizona Rangers
  5. F Troop
  6. The Horse Soldiers
  7. Public Cowboy #1
  8. 1947
  9. High Noon
  10. Bullwhip
  11. The Trail Blazers

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