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June 1944
World War II Trivia Quiz

Alan's Dad (WW2 Vet) - Trivia powered by ABE.  Did you know...Choose an answer from the three choices and True or False offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1. On June 1, Romanian prime minister, head of the Fascist Iron Guards, was executed. Who was the prime minister?

  • Ion Antonescu
  • Crown Prince Michael (Mihai)
  • Emil Bodnăraş

2. On June 2, the provisional French government is established.

  • True or False?

3. The channel invasion was postponed 24 hours due to high seas on June 4, 1943. What was the operation named?

  • Operation Overlord
  • Operation Peacock
  • Operation Masterson

4. June 5, Rome fell to the Allies. What was the first capital of an Axis nation to fall?

  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Berlin

5. June 6, Battle of Normandy began. D-Day Operation Overlord, commenced with the landing of 155,000 Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy in France. The allied soldiers quickly broke through the Atlantic Wall and push inland in the largest amphibious military operation in history.

  • True or False?

6. June 9, no agreement having been reached on their mutual borders, Stalin launched an offensive against with the intent of defeating the country before pushing for Berlin. What was the country?

  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Norway

7. June 10, how many men, women and children were killed at Oradour-sur-Glane (a town near Limoges) France in a German response to local Resistance activities?

  • 642
  • 1042
  • 1542

8. June 13, Germany launched a “secret weapon” attack on England, in Hitler's view a kind of revenge for the invasion. He believes in Germany's victory with this “secret weapon.” The secret weapon attacks will continue through June.  What was the "secret weapon."

  • V-1 Flying Bomb
  • V-2 Rocket
  • Jet Airplane

9. What Japanese held island does the United States invades on June 9th, 1944?

  • Saipan
  • Garapan
  • Kalabera

10. On June 26, what was the French city liberated by American troops?

  • Cherbourg
  • Nice
  • Germain

Check Your Answers

  • 1. Ion Antonescu
  • 2. True
  • 3. Operation Overlord
  • 4. Rome
  • 5. True
  • 6. Finland
  • 7. 642
  • 8. V-1 Flying Bomb
  • 9. Saipan
  • 10. Cherbourg

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