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Alan's Dad (WW2 Vet) - Trivia powered by ABEUSS Nevada

USS Nevada (BB-36), the second United States Navy ship to be named after the 36th state, was the lead ship of the two Nevada-class battleships; her sister ship was Oklahoma. Launched in 1914, the Nevada was a leap forward in dreadnought technology; three of her new features would be included on almost every subsequent US battleship: gun turrets with three guns, oil in place of coal for fuel, and the "all or nothing" armor principle.  These features made Nevada the first US Navy "super-dreadnought".

What do you know about the USS Nevada? Attack with this World War 2 History Made Easy Trivia Quiz. "Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

1) What is the Nevada's nickname?

  • The Bonanza Ship
  • Cheer Up Ship
  • Remains Here Ship
  • Come Back Home Ship

2) The Nevada's displacement: (in 1916) is 27,500 tons and (after WWII overhaul) it is 30,500 tons.

  • True or False?

3) In miles per hour (mph), what is the top speed of the Nevada?

  • 18 mph
  • 20 mph
  • 22 mph
  • 24 mph

4) At 14 mph, what is the endurance of the Nevada?

  • 7,982 miles
  • 5,892 miles
  • 2,222 miles
  • 1,111 miles

5) Capt. William S. Sims, commands the Nevada from March 11, 1916 to December 30, 1916.  How is the ship�s captain during the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

  • Capt. F.W. Scanland
  • Capt. Robert L. Ghormley
  • Capt. C.B. Mayo
  • Capt. R.A. Theobald

6) When the sun rose over Nevada on the 7th, the ship's band was playing "Morning Colors"; but planes then appeared on the horizon and the attack on Pearl Harbor began.

  • True or False?

7) A single 18 inch Type 91 Mod 2 torpedo exploded against Frame 41 about 14 feet above the keel at 0810. The torpedo bulkhead held, but leaking through joints caused flooding and a list of 4-5�.  The Nevada corrects the list through counter-flooding and gets underway. What is the time the Nevada got underway?

  • 0815
  • 0820
  • 0830
  • 0840

8) At about 0950, Nevada is struck by five bombs. What is he dock the Nevada is passing?

  • Spam Dock
  • Ten-Ten Dock
  • Kaunda Dock
  • Circle G Dock

9) The Nevada is ordered to proceed to the west side of Ford Island to prevent her from being sunk in the channel. Instead, she is grounded off Hospital Point at 1030, with the help of Hoga and Avocet, though she managed to force down three planes before she hit bottom.  Over the course of the morning, Nevada suffered 109 wounded. During the attack, what is the ship�s death toll?

  • 30 KIA
  • 60 KIA
  • 90 KIA
  • 130 KIA

10) The Nevada is never refloated.

  • True or False?

USS Nevada

  1. Cheer Up Ship
  2. True
  3. 24 mph
  4. 5,892 miles
  5. Capt. F.W. Scanland
  6. True
  7. 0840
  8. Ten-Ten Dock
  9. 60 KIA
  10. False. The Nevada was refloated on February 12, 1942

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