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Why Did Planning for An Attack on Pearl Harbor Begin Very Early in 1941?

What do you know about Why Did Planning for An Attack on Pearl Harbor Begin Very Early in 1941
Take this US World War II History Made Easy Quiz
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1) In July 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy headquarters informed Hirohito that its reserve bunker oil would be exhausted if a new source was not found.
How long before their oil would be exhausted?Alan's Dad (WW2 Vet) - History Made Easy powered by ABE.

  1. One year
  2. Two years
  3. Three years
  4. Four years

2) In August 1941, Japanese Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe proposed a summit with President Roosevelt to discuss differences. Roosevelt replied Japan must leave China before a summit meeting could be held.

  • True or False?

3) On September 6, 1941, at the second Imperial Conference concerning attacks on the Western colonies in Asia and Hawaii, Japanese leaders met to consider the attack plans prepared by Imperial General Headquarters, one day after the emperor had reprimanded General Hajime Sugiyama, the Chief of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) General Staff, about the lack of success in China, and the speculated low chances of victory against the United States, British Empire, and their allies.
When was the conference?

  1. September 6, 1941
  2. September 16, 1941
  3. September 26, 1941
  4. September 30, 1941

4) Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe argued for more negotiations and possible concessions to avert war. However, military leaders like General Hajime Sugiyama, the Minister of War, and the Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff asserted that time had run out and that additional negotiations would be pointless.
Who was the Minister of War?

  1. General Minoru Genda
  2. General Osami Nagano
  3. General Hideki Tōjō
  4. General Isoroku Yamamoto

5) On October 16, 1941, Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe resigned and proposed a prince, who was also the choice of the Army and the Navy, as his successor. Hirohito choose an Army general, worried (as he told Konoe) about having the Imperial House being held responsible for a war against Western powers.
Who did Konoe propose as his replacement?

  1. Prince Chichibu
  2. Prince Takeda
  3. Prince Fushimi
  4. Prince Naruhiko Higashikuni

6) Admiral Osami Nagano presented a complete plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor to Hirohito.
What was the date?

  1. November 1, 1941
  2. November 2, 1941
  3. November 3, 1941
  4. November 4, 1941

7) At the Imperial Conference on November 5, 1941, Hirohito approved the plan for a war against the United States, Great Britain and Holland, scheduled to start at the beginning of December if an acceptable diplomatic settlement were not achieved before then.

  • True or False?

8) The following weeks, the military regime of new Prime Minister Tōjō offered a final deal to the United States. They offered to leave only Indochina, but in return for large American economic aid. The so-called Hull Memorandum rejected the offer and demanded that in addition to them leaving Indochina they must leave China (without Manchoukuo) and agree to an Open Door Policy in the Far East.
What was the date of the Hull Memorandum?

  1. November 23, 1941
  2. November 24, 1941
  3. November 25, 1941
  4. November 26, 1941

9) Prince Nobuhito Takamatsu warned his brother, Hirohito, that the Navy felt the Empire could not fight more than two years against the United States and wished to avoid war. After consulting with Kōichi Kido (who advised him to take his time until he was convinced) and Tojo, the Emperor called Shigetarō Shimada and Nagano who reassured him war would be successful.
What was the date?

  1. November 27, 1941
  2. November 28, 1941
  3. November 29, 1941
  4. November 30, 1941

10) What day did Hirohito finally approved a "war against United States, Great Britain and Holland", during another Imperial Conference, to commence with a surprise attack on the US Pacific Fleet at its main forward base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii?

  1. December 1, 1941
  2. December 2, 1941
  3. December 3, 1941
  4. December 4, 1941

Why Did Planning for An Attack on Pearl Harbor Begin Very Early in 1941?

1) B. 2) True 3) A. 4) C. 5) D. 6) C. 7) True 8) D. 9) D. 10) A.

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