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Makin Island Raid

What do you know about the Makin Island Raid?
Try this World War II History Quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Alan's Dad (WW2 Vet) - Trivia powered by ABE1) The Makin Island Raid (pronounced, "Muckin") (occurred on August 17 & 18, 1942) is an attack by the United States Marine Corps on Japanese military forces on Makin Island in the Pacific Ocean.
What is Makin Island known as today?

  • Paradise Island
  • Butaritari Island
  • Mutaritari Island
  • Knocking Island

2) The raid is among the first American offensive ground combat operations of World War II.

  • True or False?

3) The US Marine Corps raiding force is comprised a small battalion command group and two of the battalion's six rifle companies.
What battalion is the raiding force drawn from?

  • 1st Marine Combat Battalion
  • 2nd Raider Battalion
  • 3rd Raider Command
  • 5th Raider Battalion

4) The raiding force is designated as Task Group Victory.

  • True or False?

5) What type of ships bring the Marine raiders to Makin Island?

  • PT boats
  • Destroyers
  • Troop Transporters
  • Submarines

6) The Marines are launched in rubber boats powered by small, 6 hp outboard motors shortly after midnight of August 17. Surface conditions are windy and rainy, with a difficult chop, swamping many boats and drowning out outboard motors. The mission continues with operable boats towing to shore those without power.
What time does the Marine's land on the island?

  • 02:30
  • 05:30
  • 07:30
  • 11:30

7) During the fighting, a Marine Sergeant is killed while leading an assault on a Japanese position. He is posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions and is the first Marine recipient of this honor during World War II. 
Who is the Marine Sergeant?

  • Clyde A. Thomason
  • Clyde Ware
  • Thomas A. Clyde
  • Andrew G. Young

8) US Marine casualties are given as 18 killed in action and 12 missing in action. Of the 12 Marines missing in action, one is later identified among the 18 Marine Corps graves found on Makin Island. Of the remaining eleven Marines missing in action, nine are inadvertently left behind or returned to the island during the night withdrawal. They are then captured, moved to Kwajalein Atoll, and executed by Japanese forces. The remaining two Marines are never located.

  • True or False?

9) Who commands the US Marine on the Makin Island Raid?

  • Ralph Richardson
  • Charles Bye
  • Evans Carlson
  • Frank O. Hough

10) Although the Marine Raiders succeed in destroying the Japanese garrison on the island, the raid fails to meet its other material objectives. No Japanese prisoners are taken, and no meaningful intelligence is collected. Also, no significant Japanese forces are diverted from the Solomon Islands area. In fact, because the vulnerabilities to their garrisons in the Gilbert Islands are highlighted by the raid, the Japanese strengthened their fortifications and defensive preparations on the islands in the central Pacific, which may have caused heavier losses for U.S. forces during the battles of the Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaigns. However, the raid does succeed in its objectives of boosting morale and testing Raider tactics.

  • True or False?

More World War 2 History Made Easy

Makin Island Raid

  1. Butaritari Island
  2. 2nd Raider Battalion
  3. False. The raiding force is designated as Task Group 7.15.
  4. Submarines
  5. True
  6. 05:30
  7. Clyde A. Thomason
  8. True
  9. Evans Carlson
  10. True

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