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Motor Torpedo Boat PT-34 was a PT-20-class motor torpedo boat commissioned on 12 July 1941.

What do you know about PT-41? Full speed ahead with this World War II Quick Quiz.

1. The commander of PT-34 was , the executive officer of Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three, based in the Philippines from late 1941 through April 1942. Who commanded PT-34?

  • Ltjg. Robert B. Kelly
  • Ltjg. Marion Morrison
  • Ltjg. Wade Boggs

2. On 17 December 17, SS Corregidor a passenger ship loaded with 1,200 passengers struck a mine off Corregidor and sunk with a large loss of life. PT-34, along with squadron mates PT-32 and PT-35 rescued, who were distributed between Corregidor and French SS Si-Kiang. What was the estimated number of survivors?

  • 180 survivors
  • 280 survivors
  • 380 survivors

3. This PT boat evacuated Admiral Francis W. Rockwell, General Richard Marshall (Deputy Chief of Staff, USAFFE), Col. Charles P. Stivers (G-1, USFFEE), Capt. Joseph McMicking (Philippine Army, Asst. G-2, USFFE) from Corregidor to Mindanao on March 12, 1942 as part of the operation to evacuate General Douglas MacArthur to Australia.

  • True or False

4. On the night of April 8, 1942, off Cebu, the Imperial Japanese cruiser Kuma and the torpedo boat Kiji were attacked by PT-34 in concert with PT-41. Both PT boats reported seeing multiple torpedo hits on the Kuma from their attack, but according to Japanese Navy records examined after the war, the Kuma was hit in the bow by one of the torpedoes fired by PT-34, but it failed to detonate.

  • True or False?

5. PT-34 was sunk near an island by four Japanese F1M Pete floatplanes from the Sanuki Maru on April 9, 1942, in the aftermath of the Kuma attack. What was the island?

  • Kauit Island
  • Kingpin Island
  • Mandolins Island

6. Lt. Kelly survived the sinking, and was later transported out of the Philippines along with three other officers of the squadron. In a movie, Kelly was Lieutenant (j.g.) 'Rusty' Ryan. Who played Ryan/Kelly in They Were Expendable?

  • John Wayne
  • Marshall Thompson
  • Jeff York

7. The crew suffered one KIA, one DOW and three WIA of 6 man crew. The executive officer Iliff David Richardson remained in the Philippines with the guerrilla forces with his account of his experiences turned into the book and film American Guerrilla in the Philippines. Who played Richardson in the movie?

  • Abe Vigoda
  • Clayton Moore
  • Tyron Power


  1. Ltjg. Robert B. Kelly
  2. 280 survivors
  3. True
  4. True
  5. Kauit Island
  6. John Wayne
  7. Tyron Power

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