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Motor Torpedo Boat PT-41 was a PT-20 (Elco 77-Foot) Class Patrol torpedo boat, built at Elco and commissioned on July 23, 1941.

What do you know about PT-41? Full speed ahead with this World War II Quick Quiz.

1. PT-41 served as the flagship of , which was based in the Philippines from late 1941 to April 1942. What was the squadron?

  • Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron One
  • Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Two
  • Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three

2. Who commanded the PT-41?

  • Lieutenant John D. Bulkeley
  • Lieutenant John Morgan
  • Lieutenant Henry Clay

3. PT-41 evacuated Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Mrs. MacArthur, Arthur MacArthur (Gen. MacArthur's son), Arthur's Chinese nurse, General Sutherland (USFFE Chief of Staff), Capt. Harold G. Ray (USN), Lt. Col. Sidney L. Huff (Aide), and Maj. C.H. Morehouse (Medical Officer) from Corregidor to Mindanao on 12 March 1942, thus enabling MacArthur to escape and to make his famous "I shall return" speech in Terowie, Australia.

  • True or False?

4. PT-41, along with the two remaining PT Boats of the squadron (PT-34 and PT-35), established a new base of operations at Cagayan, Mindanao, supporting the American military forces defending Mindanao and the nearby islands from the invading Japanese throughout late March and early April 1942. Where was the new base of operations?

  • Cagayan, Mindanao, Philippines
  • Sands Bay, Iwo Jima
  • Bones Harbor, Guadalcanal

5. They made a torpedo attack in concert with PT-34 on the Imperial Japanese cruiser Kuna. When was the attack?

  • April 9, 1942
  • April 19, 1942
  • April 29, 1942

6. PT-41 became the last remaining PT boat of the squadron (PT-34 was sunk in the aftermath of the attack and PT-35 was burned at Cebu).

  • True or False?

7. With no more torpedoes available for PT-41 to use, it was commandeered to patrol Lake Lanao, Mindanao. Who commandeered PT-41?

  • US Marines
  • US Army
  • US Army Air Force

8. It was destroyed to prevent its capture while being transported via road to Lake Lanao.

  • April 15, 1942
  • May 15, 1942
  • June 15, 1942


  1. Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three
  2. Lieutenant John D. Bulkeley
  3. True
  4. Cagayan, Mindanao, Philippines
  5. April 9, 1942
  6. True
  7. US Army
  8. April 15, 1942

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