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Operation Cobra

What do you know about Operation Cobra?
Defend with this World War II History Made Easy quiz.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

Alan's Dad (WW2 Vet) - Trivia powered by ABE.  Did you know...1) Following the successful Allied Invasion of Normandy on June 6 1944, progress inland was slow. To facilitate the Allied build-up in France and to secure room for further expansion, the deep water port of Cherbourg on the western flank of the American sector and the historic town of Caen in the British and Canadian sector to the east represented early objectives. The original plan for the Normandy campaign envisioned strong offensive efforts in both sectors, in which Lieutenant-General Sir Miles Dempsey's British Second Army would secure Caen and the area south of it, and General Omar Bradley's United States First Army would "wheel round" to the Loire.

  • True or False?

2) To gain good terrain for Operation Cobra, Generals Omar Bradley and J. Lawton Collins conceived a plan to push forward to the Saint-LePeriers road, along which VII and VIII Corps were securing jumping-off positions. On July 18, the American 29th and 35th Infantry Divisions managed to gain the vital heights of Saint-Lo, driving back General der Fallschirmtruppen Eugen Meindl's II Parachute Corps. Meindl's paratroopers, together with the 352nd Infantry Division (which had been in action since its D-Day defense of Omaha Beach) were now in ruins, and the stage for the main offensive was set.
What was the cost in casualties?

  1. 500 casualties
  2. 2500 casualties
  3. 5000 casualties

3) Due to poor weather conditions that had also been hampering Goodwood and Atlantic, Bradley decided to postpone Cobra for a few days, a decision that worried Montgomery, as the British and Canadian operations had been launched to support a break-out attempt that was failing to materialize. By 24 July the skies had cleared enough for the start order to be given, and 1,600 Allied aircraft took off for Normandy. However, the weather closed in again over the battlefield, and under poor visibility conditions, more than 25 Americans were killed and 130 wounded in the bombing - some enraged soldiers opened fire on their own aircraft, a not uncommon practice in Normandy when suffering from friendly fire.

  • True or False?

4) Cobra got underway at 09:38, when around 600 Allied fighter-bombers attacked strong-points and enemy artillery along a 300-yard wide strip of ground located in the St. Lo area.
When did Cobra get underway?

  1. July 25
  2. July 26
  3. July 27

5) Approximately 3,000 US aircraft had carpet-bombed a narrow section of the front, with the Panzer-Lehr Division taking the brunt of the attack. However, once again not all the casualties were German; Bradley had specifically requested that the bombers approach the target from the east, out of the sun and parallel to the Saint-Lo Periers road, in order to minimize the risk of friendly losses, but most of the airmen instead came in from the north, perpendicular to the front line. Despite efforts by US units to identify their positions, inaccurate bombing by the Eighth Air Force killed 111 men, including the highest-ranking US soldier to be killed in action in the European Theater of Operations, and wounded 490.
Who was the highest-ranking US soldier to be killed in action in the European Theater of Operations?

  1. Lieutenant-General Theodore Roosevelt IV
  2. Lieutenant-General Lesley McNair
  3. Lieutenant-General Charles R. Carson

6) The US 2nd Armored Division and the veteran 1st Infantry Division joined the attack as planned, reaching one of Cobra's first objectives.
What was the objective?

  1. A road junction north of Le Mesnil-Herman
  2. A road junction north of Morgan
  3. A road junction north of Hoptoen

7) By July 28, the German defenses across the US front had largely collapsed under the full weight of U.S. Army Corps' advance, and resistance was disorganized and patchy.
What was
NOT one of the Corps?

  1. VII Corps
  2. VIII Corps
  3. XXX Corps

8) During the night of July 29 near Saint-Denis-le-Gast, elements of the US 2nd Armored Division found themselves fighting for their lives against a German column from the 2nd SS Panzer and 17th SS Panzergrenadier Divisions, which passed through the American lines in the darkness.

  • True or False?

9) At noon on August 1, the US Third Army was activated under the command of General George S. Patton. Who assumed command of the First Army, and Bradley was promoted to overall command of both armies, designated 12th Army Group.

  1. Lieutenant-General Wayne Rogers
  2. Lieutenant-General Courtney Hodges
  3. Lieutenant-General Mark Reynolds

10) The US advance following Cobra was rapid.  By August 8, the city that was the former headquarters of the German 7th Army, had fallen to the Americans, and Patton's VIII Corps had swept through Avranches and over the bridge at Pontaubault into Brittany.
What city of the German 7th Army headquartered?

  1. Le Mans
  2. Le Porte
  3. Le Porsche

Operation Cobra

1) True . 2) C. 3) True  4) A. 5) A. 6) B. 7) C. 8) True 9) B. 10) A.

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