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Bernard Francis Fisher

UH-1 Helicopter Vietnam War  - Trivia powered by ABEBorn: January 11, 1927

Col. Bernard F. Fisher, ret. (pronounced Bernerd) is the first living US Air Force recipient of the Medal of Honor. Moreover, he was the first USAF member to receive the medal as a result of an act of heroism during the Vietnam War without being killed in action.

What do you know about Bernard Fisher? Take off with this Vietnam War History Made Easy Trivia quiz.

1. Where was he born in 1927.

  • San Bernardino, California
  • Clearfield, Utah
  • Mesa, Arizona

2. During World War II, what branch of service did Fisher serve?

  • Coast Guard
  • Navy
  • Army

3. He was commissioned into the Air Force in 1951. After pilot training, Fisher served as a jet fighter pilot in the Air Defense Command until 1965.

  • True or False?

4. Fisher volunteered for duty in Vietnam. From July 1965 through June 1966, how many combat sorties did he fly in the A-1E/H "Spad" as a member of the 1st Air Commando Squadron located at Pleiku Air Base, South Vietnam.

  • 50
  • 100
  • 200

5. On March 10, 1966, he led a two-ship element of Skyraiders to the A Shau Valley to support troops in contact with the enemy. Who was the A-1 pilot who was hit and forced to crash-land on the airstrip of the CIDG-Special Forces camp?

  • Major Henry "Ace" Wayne
  • Major D. W. "Jump" Myers
  • Major John W. "Johnny" Crawford

6. The closest helicopter was 30 minutes away, Fisher quickly decided to land his two-seat A-1E on the strip and pick up his friend. What was the distance enemy soldiers were from the downed pilot?

  • 100 yards
  • 200 yards
  • 500 yards

7. Under the cover provided by the other A-1s, he landed in the valley, taxied to downed pilot's position, and loaded him airman into the empty seat.

  • True or False?

8. While effecting a successful rescue of the downed pilot, heavy ground fire was observed, with bullets striking his aircraft. According to the Medal of Honor citation, how many bullets struck Fisher's A-1?

  • 19
  • 59
  • 109

9. The rescue at A Shau was similar to an event that occurred on August 4, 1944 during World War II. Captain Richard "Dick" Willsie's P-38 was damaged by flak near Ploieşti, Romania. After both engines failed, Willsie crash-landed but was rescued from capture when Flight Officer Dick Andrews landed his P-38 on the field, squeezed Willsie into the cockpit, and flew back to base. By remarkable coincidence, both Willsie and Andrews were also involved in the A Shau rescue. Willsie was the commanding officer of the 602nd Air Commando Squadron to which the downed pilot was assigned, and Andrews flew top cover during the entire rescue.

  • True or False?

10. When was he awarded the Medal of Honor by President Lyndon B. Johnson?

  • January 19, 1967
  • February 19, 1967
  • March 19, 1967

Bernard Fisher Answers

  1. San Bernardino, California
  2. Navy
  3. True
  4. 200
  5. Major D. W. "Jump" Myers
  6. 200 yards
  7. True
  8. 19
  9. True
  10. January 19, 1967

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