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The Battle of Ia Drang Valley (Day 2)

What do you know about the Battle of Ia Drang Valley? Try this U.S. History Made Easy: the Vietnam War Trivia quiz.

Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1. Just before dawn at 06:20, Lt. Col. Harold G. Moore ordered his companies to put out reconnaissance patrols to probe for Vietnamese forces. Patrols from Charlie Company's 1st Platoon (under Lieutenant Neil Kroger) and 2nd Platoon (under Lieutenant John Geoghegan) had advanced 150 yards from the perimeter before coming into contact with PAVN troops. A firefight broke out, and the patrols quickly withdrew to the perimeter. When did the firefight begin?

  • 6:50
  • 7:00
  • 7:20

2. Under heavy attack on three sides, the battalion fought off repeated waves of PAVN infantry. It was during this battle that Specialist Willard Parish of Charlie Company, situated on Delta's lines, earned a medal for suppressing an intense Vietnamese assault in his sector. After expending his M-60 ammunition, Parish resorted to his .45 sidearm to repel PAVN forces that advanced within 20 yards of his foxhole. After the battle, over 100 dead North Vietnamese troops were discovered around Parish's position. What was the medal he earned?

  • Medal of Honor
  • Army Cross
  • Silver Star

3. As the battle along the southern line intensified, Moore ordered the battalion's forward air controller, Lieutenant Charlie Hastings, to transmit the code phrase, which relayed that an American combat unit was in danger of being overrun. In so doing, Hastings was calling on all available support aircraft in the country to come to the battalion's defense, drawing on a significant arsenal of heavy ordnance support. What was the code phrase?

  • "Broken Arrow"
  • "Tombstone"
  • "Maverick"

4. On Charlie Company's broken lines, PAVN troops walked the lines for several minutes, killing wounded Americans and stripping their bodies of weapons and other items. It was around this time, at 07:55, that Moore ordered his lines to throw colored smoke grenades over the lines to identify the battalion's perimeter. Aerial fire support was then called in on the PAVN at close range, including those along Charlie's lines.

  • True or False?

5. Shortly after, Lt. Col. Moore's command post was subjected to what could have been a catastrophic friendly fire incident. Two jets approached X-Ray, the first dropping napalm inadvertently on American lines, the second approaching the command post in a similar manner. The command post was only saved when, at Moore's urging, Hastings frantically radioed for the second jet to change course. Despite Hastings' best efforts, several Americans were wounded and killed by this airstrike. What were the jets?

  • F-100 Super Sabre
  • F-102 Delta Daggers
  • A-10 Skyraider

6. At 09:10, the first elements of Alpha Company of the 2nd Battalion of the 7th Cavalry under Captain Joel Sugdinis arrived at X-Ray. Sugdinis' forces reinforced the remains of Charlie Company's lines. The North Vietnamese had begun to withdraw from the battle — although occasional fire continued to harass the battalion. When did the PAVN begin to withdraw?

  • 10:00
  • 10:30
  • 11:00

7. Lieutenant Rick Rescorla of Diduryk's Bravo Company later remarked after having policed up the battlefield in Charlie Company's sector following the assaults: “There were American and NVA bodies everywhere. My area was where Lieutenant Geoghegan's platoon had been. There were several dead NVA around his platoon command post. One dead trooper was locked in contact with a dead NVA, hands around the enemy's throat. There were two troopers — one black, one Hispanic - linked tight together. It looked like they had died trying to help each other." Where did Rick Rescorla die?

  • World Trade Center on 9/11
  • Tet Offensive
  • Pirate Attack off Somali, Africa

8. The 2nd Battalion of the 5th Cavalry was to be flown into a landing zone, about 3.5 kilometers east-southeast of LZ X-Ray. What was the name of the LZ?

  • LZ Able
  • LZ Baker
  • LZ Victor

9. Using a plan devised by Lt. Col. Moore, Bravo/1st/7th, Alpha/2nd/5th and Charlie/2nd/5th companies in a third major effort to relieve the lost platoon under Sergeant Ernie Savage. Making use of fire support, the relief force slowly but successfully made its way to the knoll without encountering PAVN elements. 2nd Platoon had survived but at a significant cost; nine KIA's and 13 WIA's of 29 men. At around 15:30, the relief force began to encounter sniper fire and began the process of carrying the wounded and dead of the lost platoon back to X-Ray.

  • True or False?

10. While the American lines at X-Ray were harassed at various times during the night by PAVN probes, grenade booby traps and trip flares set by Captain Diduryk's Bravo Company began to erupt. The PAVN launched a fierce assault against Diduryk's men. When did Bravo Company begin to hear the traps go off?

  • 04:00
  • 05:00
  • 06:00

The Battle of Ia Drang (Day 2) Answers

  1. 6:50
  2. Silver Star
  3. "Broken Arrow"
  4. True
  5. F-100 Super Sabre
  6. 10:00
  7. World Trade Center on 9/11
  8. LZ Victor
  9. True
  10. 04:00

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