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Escalation and Ground War

What do you know about the Escalation and Ground War. Try this quick and easy Vietnam War trivia quiz. (Answers at the bottom of the page.)

Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1. Between December 28, 1964 January 1, 1965, Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) forces suffered heavy losses. What was the battle?

  • Battle of Buffalo Ridge
  • Battle of Binh Gia
  • Battle of Heartbreak Ridge

2. Escalation of the Vietnam War officially started when orders were cut and issued to mobilize the 18th TAC Fighter Squadron from Okinawa to Da Nang Air Force Base (AFB). What was the date?

  • January 31, 1965
  • February 6, 1965
  • March 6, 1965

3. The ARVN was again defeated in June, at the Battle of Dong Xoai.

  • True or False?

4. Who said, "I am convinced that U.S. troops with their energy, mobility, and firepower can successfully take the fight to the NLF [National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam]?"

  • Admiral Grant Sharp
  • General William Westmoreland
  • President Lyndon Johnson

5. During the Vietnam War, it is widely held that the average U.S. serviceman was 19. Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew believe their crews had an average age of 22. However, was is the average age of troops in World War II?

  • 19
  • 22
  • 26

6. The average age of the US Military men who died in Vietnam was 22.8 years old.

  • True or False?

7. The one-year tour of duty deprived units of experienced leadership. As one observer noted "we were not in Vietnam for 10 years, but for one year 10 times." As a result, training programs were shortened. What were some Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) referred to as due to their accelerated training.

  • Coffee 'N' Cream
  • Shake 'N' Bake
  • Bacon 'N' Eggs

8. One unidentified soldier said to United Press International that there was nothing to do in Vietnam and therefore many of the men smoked marijuana.

  • True or False?

9. Washington encouraged its SEATO allies to contribute troops. Major allies, however, declined Washington's troop requests. Who did NOT send troops?

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom

10. By the end of what year, when did Westmoreland predicted victory?

  • 1967
  • 1971
  • 1976

Build Up of American Troops Answers

  1. Battle of Binh Gia
  2. January 31, 1965
  3. True
  4. General William Westmoreland
  5. 26
  6. True
  7. Shake 'N' Bake
  8. True
  9. United Kingdom
  10. 1967

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