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How to Optimize Fuel Economy Trivia

Choose an answer from the three choices and True or False offered after each question and then "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Cars Trivia from Alan's Fun Trivia Quizzes1. The energy in fuel consumed in driving is lost in many ways, including engine inefficiency, aerodynamic drag, rolling friction, and kinetic energy lost to braking (and to a lesser extent regenerative braking).

  • True or False?

2. What is the average efficiency of modern gasoline engines when used to power an automobile?

  • 25 to 30%
  • 40 to 50%
  • 75 to 90%

3. Cold inflation pressure is the inflation pressure of tires before the car is driven and the tires warmed up.

  • True or False?

4. Environmental conditions can introduce a 13% to 15% variability in pressure due to temperature (0 C to 40 C or 32 F to 104 F), and additional changes can result due to altitude. What is the variability percentage?

  • 13% to 15%
  • 25% to 30%
  • 50% to 60%

5. With tire pressure, it is important to have tire balance. What is another important tire precaution?

  • Wheel alignment
  • Tire tread
  • Lightweight rims

6. Another key parameter is engine oil with low-kinematic viscosity referred to as low "weight" motor oil. What should be the level on check oil stick?

  • High
  • Low
  • Medium

7. Under-inflated tires can lower fuel efficiency for every 1 psi drop in pressure of all four tires. What is the approximate percentage loss?

  • 1.4%
  • 3%
  • 5%

8. Equally important is the proper maintenance of the Engine Control Module.

  • True or False?

9. The Engine Control Module includes a number of important sensor. What is considered the most important?

  • MAP sensor
  • air temperature sensor
  • oxygen sensor

10. You can increase fuel economy by driving heavy-weight vehicles . Also, you can increase the amount of luggage, tools, and equipment carried in the vehicle.

  • True or False?

Check Your Answers

  1. True
  2. 25 to 30%
  3. True
  4. 13% to 15%
  5. Wheel alignment
  6. Low
  7. 1.4%
  8. True
  9. oxygen sensor
  10. False. You can increase fuel economy by driving light-weight vehicles . Also, you can decrease the amount of luggage, tools, and equipment carried in the vehicle.

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